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Alternative Spanish Holidays

Looking to do something different on your Spanish holiday this year? Does the thought of lying lazily on an overcrowded beach not exactly fill you with excitement?

Fancy a change this year?

Fancy a change this year?

Well you’re not alone – it seems people everywhere are demanding more satisfaction out of their holidays when they travel abroad. So we’ve prepared this handy guide to alternative Spanish holidays, to make it easier for holidaymakers to find new experiences in Spain in 2010.

Spanish festivals

There’s always an excuse for fiestas in Spanish towns and cities, and this lively attitude makes for a packed calendar of events taking place across Spain throughout the year, with Spanish holidays for visitors of all tastes.

The Fallas Festival in Valencia is one of the biggest national Spanish festivals, and with its burning of a papier maché effigy and fireworks, it’s akin to being the Spanish equivalent of Guy Fawkes Night.

Fireworks at Las Fallas Festival Valencia

Fireworks at Las Fallas Festival Valencia

From some of Europe’s biggest music festivals, like the Sónar Festival taking place in Barcelona from 17 to 19 June, to the traditional May Crosses festival in Cordoba, there are plenty of events taking place this summer to make your alternative Spanish holiday one to remember.

Decorated Cross in Cordoba

Decorated Cross in Cordoba

Running of the Bulls

Love it or hate it, the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona still draws thrill-seeking tourists to Spanish holidays in Navarre’s San Fermín festival every summer, with runs taking place every morning from 7 to 14 July.

The Running of the Bulls is the most popular event on the Spanish calendar, televised by two national TV channels and attracting participants from across the world who are keen to show off their bravado. Despite the inherent danger of the event – which is surely much of its charm – there have only been 10 fatalities in the last 100 years, though between 200 and 300 people receive injuries each year.

Watch out for the bull!

Watch out for the bull!

The good news for anyone not so fond of the tradition is that it has its own high-profile alternative in the form of the Running of the Nudes, organised by animal rights group PETA. This cheeky demonstration against what the organisation views as unnecessary cruelty takes place two days before the Spanish festival, and involves more than 1,000 protestors running through the Spanish streets along the well-trodden route in their birthday suits.

Enjoy alternative Spanish holidays in 2010

From the world’s biggest tomato festival in Valencia to baby jumping in Burgos, there’s a lot more to Spanish holidays than sunbathing and siestas.

Lots of tomatoes and lots of people!

Lots of tomatoes and lots of people!

Wherever you choose to head on your alternative Spanish holiday this year, you can look forward to a relaxing stay at NH Hotels in Spain – sometimes you don’t need an alternative!

  • posted by brooke | 22 March 2010, 13:18,

    grest advice! these festivals are definately not to be missed in Spain and NH has hotels in all of the locations to enable everyone to make a real weekend out of it!

  • posted by Mark | 22 March 2010, 13:50,

    I dislike beaches, so this blog seems helpful.
    I also don’t feel up to the running of the bulls… too dangerous…

    Do they do the running of the bulls anywhere besides Pamplona? It seems a bit far, that’s all.

    Good blog as usual, something for everyone has been well and truly proven! Looking forward to the next blog.

  • posted by Sabrina | 22 March 2010, 13:55,

    Aha! You weren’t psychic this time! Though I do want to go back to Spain… I like that country…

    Dunno about that running of the bull, I’m up for adventure but that seems harsh like bullfighting…

    Can anyone take part in the running of the nudes? I might be up for that! 😛

    Thanks NH hotels for another interesting read. I’m going off to practice! Bye! x

  • posted by Sabrina | 22 March 2010, 13:58,

    Also, mark, no offense but you sound like a chicken, lol. Where’s you’re sense of adventure?!

  • posted by Sabrina | 22 March 2010, 16:26,

    Oh noooooooooooooo! My comment looks like I’m going to practice the running thing! I meant music with my band! I’m so embarrassed if anyone got the wrong idea, I think! 🙁

  • posted by Sid | 23 March 2010, 10:26,

    I really was just going to stay on the beach, but I saw the blog after booking my hotel.. Good thing I’m going to Valencia eh maybe I’ll mix it up.


  • posted by Charlotte | 23 March 2010, 13:42,

    The top picture is such a stereo typical view of spain, I think thats what most foreign people think of when they think Spain, so its great that you’ve given people ideas of what else there is to do here. I myself am bilingual Spanish and English and am therefore lucky to have been brought up knowing and loving both cultures 🙂 ,,, but yeah Spain isnt just Sangria , beaches and parties its traditional and interesting too!

  • posted by NIKKI | 23 March 2010, 14:51,

    Hi i am planning a trip to madrid staying in one of the NH hotels but it is only for 4nights, (29th may – 2nd june) i want to fit in as much as possible as i have never been to madrid before, do you have any ideas? bear in mind that i will be 6 and a half months pregnant! i look forward to the itinerary ideas.

  • posted by cheaphotelqueen | 26 March 2010, 4:22,

    Hi admin!

    I know, there’s more in Spain than the festivals. It is my dream to visit in Spain. i know someday it will come true and would like to stay at NH what do you think about it?!

  • posted by Bex | 30 March 2010, 20:49,

    its very informative and shows that there is a lot more to spain than i thought. i really love tomatoes too. im very intersted in looking at art gallerires, can you recommend any? thanx xx

  • posted by Tony | 07 April 2010, 22:55,

    I really love to read the NH Blog articles; they have a real positive impact on the readers!

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