Argentina: the best place to ski in October

By NH | 16:01

Snow is not the same everywhere. Skiing at the end of the season, between September and October, is one of the options that come with the snow lovers who can’t wait for the start of the season in Spain. And the best place to do it is Argentina.

Catedral and Bariloche are the most internationally renowned for skiing places, but Argentina has 18 destinations to enjoy winter sports, most of them are located in Patagonia, in the farthest corner of the American continent where you can also enjoy glaciers and the end of the Andes.

The variety of ski slopes from Patagonia includes the most complete and luxurious facilities to the popular snow parks, a cheap option for those who want to save money. There are a variety of dining options and non-skiers can also enjoy options such as snowshoeing, sledding and the personal watercraft. You don’t have to be a professional to have fun and enjoy in the mountains in Argentina.

Catedral is one of the most popular tracks for skiers. Located just 15 kilometers from Bariloche, one of the major tourist cities in the country, Catedral has 1,200 hectares to enjoy the snow. Includes fifty tracks and roads with 38 lifts. For professionals and enthusiasts tricks and freestyle, it is a perfect place to perform jumps and shows an extraordinary style.

But the province of Santa Cruz, located between Chile and the Atlantic Ocean, offers the best scenery of snow Argentina, overlooking the glaciers and the natural monument, the famous glacier Perito Moreno. Valdelén Sport Center is located in an area where the Andes lose height. It has a powder snow envied by the rest of the tracks and offers restaurants, bars and facilities.

In that region, you can also find the Calafate Montain Park, a new sports center and La Hora del Chingue, offering great help and assistance to novice skiers. Further south, there are the southernmost ski stations in the world: Cerro Castor and Glaciar Martial Francisco Jerman Club Andino, with white and placid postcard views. 


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