It´s party time!

It’s party time around the world so that must mean only one thing… CARNIVAL!

Inclusive of vibrant colours, fancy dress, music, dancing, scrumptious food and parades, carnival celebrations have been taking place for hundreds of years  in places such as South America, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

With its origins dating right back to Ancient Greece, where festivals were held in honour of Dionysius (the Greek God of wine) and then later adopted by the Roman’s who wished to celebrate with a big party in preparation for Lent, nowadays carnival comes in many different shapes and sizes,  and is a time to rejoice and have fun.

Some of the biggest carnivals in the world are those of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mardi Gras (New Orleans, Louisiana),  Trinidad and Tobago, Carnevale di Viareggio, (Tuscany, Italy) .


Vibrant colours from the Mardi Gras

Carnival in Spain

One of the most well known carnivals in Spain is that of Cadiz. Here the whole city takes part in a two week long festival of which the main spectacle is that of  “The Chirigotas”.  The Chirigotas are groups of people known for their sense of humour and satirical song lyrics about politics, news and everyday circumstances. Groups can be made up of anybody from family members to work colleuges, and can be found singing in the streets,  squares and open-air tablaos (tableux).

Chirigotas in the "Teatro Falla"

Another famous Carnival in Spain is that of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Attracting around one million people each year and coming second in popularity to that of Rio de Janeiro, Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival is definitely one of the biggest and most impressive carnivals in the world.

This year held from the 7th to the 21st of February the  two-week long festival commences with a grand opening parade  which involves marching bands, spectacular costumes carnival king and queen competitions and fun carnival chaos ..and carries on until “Ash Wednesday” when people bury a fish to signify the end of the carnival “entierro de la sardina” (burial of the Sardine).


Entierro de la sardina

Venice Carnival

Carnevale di Venezia is a two- week long festival which is held each year in the City of Venice. Apart from being one of the oldest festivals in Italy, Venice Carnival is traditionally known for having congregations of elegantly masked people swarming the streets.

The wearing of the mask dates back to the 11th century when it was thought if a way to make everyone equal to each other regardless of status.


One of the elegant masked costumes at Venice carnival

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