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bicycles in London - Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic is one the the latest trends in Europe and it could be described as a “sustainable mobility with style.” This urban cycling movement is specially popular in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Valencia and others where people use bicycles very often. In many cities, not only European but also Chinese and Japanese, the bicycle is the best option for commuting and many riders choose to wear their normal clothes rather than use sporty style clothes or special shoes.

The movement originally started in Copenhagen where the culture of “riding a bike in fashionable clothes” isn’t something new. But we have to go back in time to find the real genesis of what is now a trend. Cycling was very fashionable in the late 19th century. It was so popular that even a new polo discipline was practiced on bikes using long-handled rackets and rubber balls. But, if there was something fascinating about urban cycling in the 19th century, it was women’s clothing. Ladies used to dress in impractical and showy long skirts combined with tight corsets. Obviously, that was not the best outfit to ride a bike and that was precisely what brought a glamour aura to the movement.

Nowadays, Cycle Chic is a growing trend in cities that are investing in bicycle infrastructure and facilities. With the gradual popularity of the public bicycle networks as Vélib in Paris and Barcelona Bicing, citizens have discovered the ease with which they can travel around their city or town – dressed as they normally would instead of in cycling clothes.

Bicycles London - Cycle Chic

One of the main reasons why the movement has increased in popularity recently is the fact that it has been supported from an online platform that can reach every corner of this world. Cycle Chic began its bloglife 4 years ago, in June 2007, thanks to Mikael Colville-Andersen. This journalist, film director and photographer decided to publish some of his photos about Copenhagen’s bicycle culture and, almost without having the time to realize it, he was world famous.  As Mikael said in an interview,  “It all started by coincidence. People were hungry and ready for this branding of cycling. We all know that cycling can be enjoyable, and fun and practical as transport.”

Within this context, Mikael started a series of street documentary photos about Copenhagen including a number of shots of cycling life in the World’s Cycling Capital focusing on the fashionable Copenhageners on their bicycles. The positive feedback about these photos and the clearly growing interest abroad in seeing how the bicycle is an integral part of life in the Danish capital catapulted the success of this movement.

Surprisingly, no one was ready for what happened after Cycle Chic was launched. It was something new, there were no online references, there wasn’t any content on the Internet so Mikael coined the phrase “Cycle Chic” to describe the art of riding bicycles in regular, preferably fashionable, clothes and things started to accelerate.

The Photo That Launched A Million Bicycles by Mikael Colville-Andersen

The very first photo has been named as The Photo That Launched A Million Bicycles. This was just the beginning of a global movement that is changing the way we understand cycling.

Photo credits: 1. El Villano 2. vivoandando 3. Mikael Colville-Andersen

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