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The Edinburgh Festival is an international arts festival, with a clear emphasis on music and theater. Every summer, visitors from all over the world travel to Edinburgh to enjoy three exciting weeks full of international performances of opera, theater and dance.

The creation and celebration of this festival dates back to 1947, just after the World War II, and it was born to encourage, enrich and to revive cultural life in Europe. It was also created to alleviate tension during the postwar era and to improve international relationships among countries by bringing together the best European performers. Established by Rudolf Bing, the festival takes places every summer and it lasts for three weeks. There have only been nine art directors so far: Rudolf Bing, Ian Hunter, Robert Ponsonby, George Lascelles Peter Diamond, John Drummond, Frank Dunlop, Brian McMaster and Jonathan Mills.

edinburgh festival

The Edinburgh Festival is not only one big festival as the majority of people might think but a group of “small” festivals happening at the same time in the capital of Scotland. The different festivals included are: the Edinburgh International Festival (since 1947), the Edinbugh Festivak Fringe (1947), the Edinburgh International Film Festival (1947), Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival (1979), the Edinburgh International Book Festival (1983) and the Folk Festival in Edinburgh (2002). In addition, each evening the “Edinburgh Military Tattoo” takes place on the promenade of Edinburgh Castle during the month of August.

They all have their own programmes and you will need different tickets to access to their own events.
The Fringe Festival is one of most popular ones and it provides an alternative scene and cultural realm for the festival, a space for art experimentation that grows every year. Hollywood stars the likes Susan Sarandon, Christian Slater, Mike Myers and Jude Law took their first steps acting on the Fringe. The program, which combines a variety of forms of artistic expression such as theater, comedy shows, music and musicals, dance events, performances, exhibitions and children’s shows, brings together renowned artists and young talents from all around the world.


This year, the best artists from China, India, Japan, Korea and Vietnam will join others from other parts of the world in a celebration of the eastern culture. This time the Festival is themed around Asian culture and it invites you to be part of an exciting journey across cultural boundaries. You will be able to enjoy performances of the National Ballet of China and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, the acclaimed dance choreographer Ea Sola Vietnamese, a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed by the Shaghai Peking Opera and many more shows .

In addition, Scotland offers an extensive year-round calendar of events you can see throughout the year here.

So what are you waiting for to discover Edinburgh and its amazing Festivals? From 12th August to 4th September.

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