Fame Hotel

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For this blog I am very happy to say that we bring news from Tinsletown. But hang on, I’m not talking about Hollywood, but the more distinguished Dutch Television Network SBS 6!

For almost a year now a few NH Hotels have been the setting of one of the most watched reality television programs in The Netherlands “Hotel” (We beat Big Brother but I imagine it’s not hard these days!).

Fame Hotel

Almost 400,000 viewers tune-in every weekday to watch, the deeds occurring in the NH Schiphol Airport, NH Jan Tabak and NH Barbizon Palace.

They have recorded over 60 half-hour episodes and they have already approved a second series. It seems to be popular because there are neither scripts nor actors and everything that happens is real-life hotel work.

It appears that the Dutch do enjoy a good tale about a Hotel.

Every moment of every day is filmed and then edited by the television company, we don’t even get a sneak peek before they go on the air (Were still undecided whether that’s good for us, but so far no one has disgraced themselves).

Fame Hotel 2

What it has proved is that people really do desire the limelight; our bookings have been through the roof for these three hotels. Weddings along with other moderately insane ideas have multiplied to grab the cameras attention.

The general theme is that; the camera crews follow specific workers, with different roles and responsibilities. Their daily routine around the hotel is recorded along with all of the unexpectedly bizarre situations which they find themselves faced with.

Dealing with complaints, customers…mishaps lets say, and organizing events are all a part of the day to day running of the hotel.

I would love to say check it out; however while searching for clips on Youtube I made a pretty important discovery: Dutch television is in Dutch.

This didn’t really surprise me but the pictures kept me occupied and I found myself just kind of staring at the screen in a state of satisfied confusion.

My point being if you DO speak Dutch you should definitely check it out, 400,000 people can’t be wrong (at least I hope so, or Dutch democracy could run into a few obstacles).

  • posted by Eddy | 21 July 2009, 11:58,

    So it’s kind of like that program airport, but with hotels. I would be curious to see if people complain just to get on TV.

  • posted by Benjamino | 21 July 2009, 12:21,

    Good idea. Great free promotion


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