Hotel Breakfasts Around The World

For me, one of the most exciting things about travelling is the different foods you can enjoy, and, more specifically, the different breakfasts that you can experience. International hotels will almost always offer a standard meal of toast and cereals, but, if you’re lucky, this will often be served alongside more traditional fare. Here are a few breakfasts from around the world:

Wales- Laverbread and cockles


Laverbread is a type of edible seaweed that can be found on the rocks of the ever nearby coastline in Wales. Cockles are a kind of mollusk and are most often served fried.

Spain- Churros con Chocolate


Churros are a kind of long, thick doughnut that are often served with hot chocolate (for dipping purposes).

Russia- Buckwheat Porridge


This porridge is called “kasha” and is usually made of buckwheat and topped with sour cream

Japan- asa-gohan


The literal translation for “asa gohan” is ‘morning rice’. This platter also consists of the very colourful pickled ume fruits, which are meant to be really good for balancing the digestive system.

Vietnam- Xoi


Xoi is a kind of sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves that is eaten all throughout rural Vietnam for breakfast.

Turkey- A bit of everything!


Breakfast is a real feast in Turkey. This platter features olives, feta and havarti cheese, grape leaf dolmas, tomato, cucumber and hard-boiled egg, side by side withpastries, fresh bread and coffee.

Thanks to (in order of images) Mikey Swales…fish related tales, nette1274, sweetbeatandgreenbean, gbSK, mckaysavage and jhritz.

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