Millennial etiquette – Making the most of travelling

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Millennials are making their impact despite having been travelling for a shorter period of time than others. They are a different breed and there is much to learn from them, there is something they can obtain from their predecessors, veteran travellers, and that is a travelling etiquette. Not only does it open doors, but it makes you experience destinations like a local. Here are some tips and advice on etiquette whilst travelling.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans” is an abbreviation of a proverb first attested in Medieval Latin and attributed to Saint Ambrose. The full sentence reads like this: “if you should be in Rome, live in the Roman manner; if you should be elsewhere, live as they do there.” As with most proverbs, this one expresses a truth based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. Proverbs describe a basic rule of conduct, also known as a maxim. Here is our list of basic rules of conduct:

Watch your Reaction

How you react can make all the difference in the world. Whether it’s not understanding what someone is saying, getting lost in a foreign city or dealing with an obnoxious seat mate on a plane, be careful, respectful and courteous when reacting.

On the Ground

Do your part to speed up the security lines and don’t cut in front of others at the boarding gate. Everyone has a designated seat and it’s not going anywhere.  Just be patient and remember to be nice. This could get you upgraded when requesting to be bumped up to business or first class.

In the Airplane

Airplanes are not a public space. They aren’t private either. So, being extra careful will make it better for everyone around you. If you’re just carrying a purse or a small backpack, use the space under the seat in front of you so other passengers can make use of the larger space in the overhead bins.

Looking and alerting the passenger in the seat behind you before you recline, being mindful of your neighbour and letting the people in front of you off the plane first are givens. If you’re seated on the aisle or a window, be courteous of the passenger sitting in the middle and let them use the armrest.

If you plan on listening to music, make sure it’s a reasonable volume, even if you have headphones on.

If you need to make one last phone call before you take off, make sure to place the call once you’re seated. Passengers walking down the aisle as they look for their seat and talk at the same time, tend to hold up the traffic inside the plane. And please, please, keep your voice down.

At Hotels

Close the door gently, keep the TV volume down and make sure you ask for a late check-out if you plan on staying a while longer. The upkeep of a hotel is serious business and everyone; from the people at reception to the housekeepers program their work around a set schedule. Again, ask nicely, never demand. Especially if you’re looking to add some perks to your stay.

When in Rome…

Before you travel, do some research as to the do’s and dont’s of your destination. For example, when in Asia, never touch someone else with your foot or put your feet to rest on a table or chair as feet are considered to be the “lowest and dirtiest” part of the body. If you do so by accident, remember to apologize.

In Japan, you´ll need to be respectful of their custom of taking your shoes off before you enter a temple, restaurant or someone’s home. There are usually signs that indicate when you should remove your shoes. If not, just be patient and check out what others in front of you do.

These are just some examples of travelling etiquettes. In this digital world, let us resemble Millennial Travellers and the use they make of digital technology. There are numerous etiquette apps that give you the rundown on what to expect, how to behave and all the do’s and dont’s. Here are the top 5:



Have a safe, informed and respectful travel!

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