Millennial Travellers Travel to Eat

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Almost 30% of Millennial Travellers choose to dine at restaurants they can’t find at home.  They´d rather take a private class from a world-famous chef than visit the Eiffel Tower, they like to combine experiences and tasting  a local dish in a restaurant along some obscure alley way and indulging in a 5  menu course in an  award winning restaurant.  Locally sourced products and organic farming is another must for Millennial Travellers who place a great emphasis on the environment and world they live in. Eating combined with technology is something Millennial Travellers crave for. Here, we´ll tell you all about where to eat when traveling, the best foodie destinations, local gastronomy, activities and apps for those who travel to eat and eat to travel.

 Food Apps

Foodspotting masters the art of predicting your next craving anywhere you are in the world. Set your location, find your favourite dishes or explore new ones and let this app find the best in your area.

Another great food app is Open Table, previously known as Ness. It factors in your price range, cuisine of choice and delivers the best recommendations.

Would you like a tip from the pros? We suggest you download Chef’s Feed, a free app that helps you seek professional tips and advice from the world’s best chefs. 

The call the Evernote Food app the best new documenting and sharing tool for foodies. It´s free and offers ready-made templates so you can document your meal with reviews, maps and pictures.

Courses for Foodies

Millennial Travellers prefer to combine vacations with learning something new or getting better at something they enjoy doing. When it comes to food, there are plenty of cooking school vacations and gourmet travel experiences to choose from.

The International Kitchen is Europe’s leading provider of cooking school vacations. Italy, France and Spain are their forte, offering foodies culinary adventures in Le Calabash, Umbria and in the heart of the Andalusian olive country.

For shorter cooking courses taught by master chefs, efoodys is an excellent option. You´ll be able to choose from a cooking holiday in Croatia, a vegetarian holiday in Greece or Organic and Vegan cooking classes in the Amalfi Coast. Would you rather travel to Asia, America or Africa and learn to cook? Efoodys offers international courses all around the world.


The world is full of amazing restaurants waiting for you to discover them. Here is our list of favourites:

  • Spain

Barcelona is still considered a mecca for foodies. Local bars, Michelin-star restaurants and mom & pop joints that serve the freshest dishes. But it just takes a stroll though the Mercat de la Boquería, Barcelona´s main food market, to become inspired.  If you´re not planning on cooking, this market also has tiny food stalls where you can indulge in the best tapas in the city. 

Wondering where to dine? Conde Nast Traveller has done their homework and published its results.   

  • Italy

Italy is synonymous with great food. Whether it´s the cured meats, local cheese, wines, seafood or pasta, Italy seems to have it all. The wonderful thing about this country is that each region serves unique and different dishes made from the same ingredients. Pizzas in Naples have nothing to do with the pizzas served up north. Now, substitute pizzas for any other dish you absolutely adore and you’ve just created your very own travel experience. Hop from one city or village to another and indulge in the differences. 

If you´re looking for places in Italy where the food is as meaningful as the surroundings, take a note of The Guardian´s picks.

Whether Rome is your point of departure or gateway, read up on Saveur´s excellent restaurant recommendations in the country´s capital. 

  • New York

Millennial Travellers will make their way to New York just for the food. With so many award-winning restaurants and chefs combined with New York´s ethnic diversity, it makes it well worth the miles. Whether it´s a local dive in Chinatown or a Michelin-star restaurant in Chelsea, amazing dishes served out of food trucks in Brooklyn or near Central Park and gourmet markets, you won´t leave disappointed.

Would you like to know which eateries expert critics recommend? Make sure to read this article that breaks these choice restaurants into 5 essential categories.

  • Singapore

Singapore prides itself on the variety of food and its annual Food Festival, held every July. Here, Malay, Chinese, Southern Indian and Indonesian styles heavily influence the country’s cuisine.

Check out the New York Times’ Where to Eat in Singapore to get the latest on restaurants and bars. But don´t forget to head out for some delicious street food. These food courts, also known as Hawker Centres, offer Malay-style curries, noodle soups or mee goreng to die for. If you´re curious to learn what local products to try, take a stroll to the Maxwell Food Centre, near Chinatown.

Where will you be travelling to eat this Summer? 

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