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By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Meeting new people is one of the most exhilarating things that can happen when you’re away from home. Millennial Travellers, love meeting locals as a way of learning more about their culture and getting insider tips. But meeting people isn’t always easy. Here, we’ll give you the rundown on how to make local connections and hand over a fabulous list of new apps and sites that are travel focused.

Talk to Strangers. Although it’s something our parents told us not to do, talking to strangers when travelling is essential if you want to meet interesting people who might even lead you to adventures and experiences you never thought possible. So please, do talk to strangers and as much as you can. And yes, do accept invitations and attend local events.

Be Flexible. Try making room for the unexpected. While it’s a good idea to plan, leave your schedule open to surprises. You never know if the person sitting next to you on the train will invite you to a barbecue or on a rafting adventure with friends.  

Eat with. EatWith is a global community that invites you to dine in homes around the world. Connect with amazing hosts, share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine. This is their philosophy and there are hosts waiting to invite you into their homes all over the world!

Travel solo. Most real travellers will tell you that travelling solo is the best way, as you remain focused on everything around you and hence, makes you more open to possibilities. It’s easier to improvise and accommodate if it’s just you.

Learn the Basics. Even if it’s just a few phrases, learning the local language will open doors to meeting new people and encourage conversations. Locals appreciate the effort and will address you as one of their own. 

A Helping Hand. You’re probably skilled at something. Whether it be technology, knitting, cooking, farming or taking good pictures, whenever possible, lend a helping hand to locals.

Volunteer  – Experiential travel is what Millennials crave for and a perfect way of doing that is by meeting the local population. Research volunteer programs when planning your trip. That way, you can work side by side with locals, meet new people and turn your travel adventure into a one-of-a-kind-experience.

Outstanding in the Fields. This amazing culinary concept reconnects diners to the land and the origins of their food, and honors the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. A great opportunity to meet local producers, fellow diners and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experiences in the most spectacular environments.


New Travel Apps and Sites

  • TravBuddy. Like TripAdvisor, TraveBuddy offers recommendations from all over the world. The difference is that this site encourages members to meet up while traveling. Search by location, dates, age or affinities.
  • ePenpal. This app helps travellers find locals in the countries they’re visiting and offers voice messaging and photos, group chats and instantly translates text messages.  Use this app as a travel journal and share your entries with others.
  • BeWelcome. This site is really a hospitality exchange network that links you to locals so you can have lunch, share travel stories and hobbies, cook together or go on an exclusive sightseeing tour.

Where will you be going on your next vacation? Wherever it is, make sure to make a local friend!

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