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Warning…if soppy and romantic is not your thing, DO NOT read this article, we mean it, click away now!

Unlike some, here at NH we are suckers for love, and with St Valentine’s Day looming upon us what better way to celebrate it than with another amazing NH Blog article?

Valentines Day is celebrated by many people throughout the world on the 14th February. It is a day to spend with the one you love, a day to make that person feel warm, fuzzy and special inside, a day to send cards, roses, chocolates, presents as little or as extravagant as you want.

So for all you loved-up NH couples who just can’t get enough of each other we´ve decided to put together a list of Romantic destinations for you to enjoy this Valentines Day.

Young happy kissing amorous couple at celebration

Couple in love

Romantic things to do in Paris:

Synonymous with romance, Paris is the perfect Valentine’s Day destination. Each year more and more couples flock to the “city of love” to proclaim their love for each other, so we advise that you plan your trip way in advance.

Take a midnight stroll

Paris being the beautiful city that it is, means that taking a nightime stroll around the city is sure to be memorable experience. Take a walk down to the Louvre Museum visit the “Tuileries” gardens, go up to the picturesque 18th district “Montmartre or you could even visit one of the oldest parts of Paris, “Le Marais” which is in the city´s 4th district.

Go for a cruise

Also, what could be more romantic than having dinner on the River Seine while floating by the Eiffel Tower? In Paris you can do just that.

With most cruises offering delicious French cuisine plus an authentic Parisian Cabaret Show, you’d be a fool too miss out on the opportunity to wine and dine your other half.


Louvre Museum

Romantic things to do in Venice:

Venice aka the “City of light” is the perfect romantic getaway this Valentines day. One of the most beautiful cities in the world and a favourite with honeymooners, Venice is sure to put a smile on the face of someone special.

St Mark’s Square

One of the most recognizable sights in Venice, packed with little cafes and bars, this is a great romantic hot spot to wine and dine your other half whilst listening to live music and watching the world go by.

Gondola Ride

In our opinion the most romantic and historic way to travel around Venice is in a Gondola. Although not cheap, this method of transport is a traditional way to soak up the city whilst being sweetly serenaded by a cute gondolier (if your lucky).

St Mark’s Cathedral

Take a guided tour with your partner around one of Venices´ most famous cathedrals. This beautiful cathedral is made up of intricate domes, striking arches and colourful alcoves and is definitely one not to be missed.


Gondolas in Venice taken by Rambling Traveler

Romantic things to do in New York City:

New York, The Big Apple, The city that never sleeps, so great they named it twice…despite all of these clichés in fact New York is also one of the most romantic cities in the world, so if you want to impress your sweet-heart this Valentines Day, New York is the place to do it.

Central Park

Central Park, by its very nature is one of the most romantic spots in New York City. Soon after entering the park, feel yourself unwind and your pace slow down. Leaving behind the harsh reality of the city, you can relax amongst interlaced tree branches and interwined walkways which become the perfect setting for heartfelt declarations and perhaps some subtle seduction.

Empire State building

If you are in New York this is one place you have to visit. Automatically associated with romance The Empire State Building has probably seen more kisses than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Featured in many Rom Coms such as the 1957 An Affair to Remember and then some years later in Love Affaire by Glen Gordon Caron,this buildings most famous appearance has to be in the film Sleepless in Seatlle as the meeting place for Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. With its amazing panoramic views and awe inspiring nature The Empire State is by far a must.

Other romantic places to visit in New York:

Brooklyn Heights Promenade- With an excellent view of the Manhattan Skyline, the promenade is one of the most romantic spots in town, so guys take note if you want to melt a girls heart, this is the place to do it.

Ice skating rink at the Rockerfeller Center– Even if you can´t skate gracefully, this is just a great excuse to hold hands.

Metropolitan Museum of Art– One of the world’s largest and finest art museums, home to more than two million works of art and situated to the East of Central Park this is a nice place to soak up a little bit of culture in NYC.


New York City skyline

  • posted by maria | 21 January 2010, 16:48,

    me encanta Nueva York!! me voy a ir con mi novio!!

  • posted by Janet | 21 January 2010, 17:10,

    Qué guay! Yo quiero ir!!

  • posted by Carla | 21 January 2010, 17:44,

    No me gusta este dia! Pero si hay alguien que quiere hacerme un regalito…Nueva York me encantaria!

  • posted by Greta | 21 January 2010, 17:45,

    Que bueno! Me quiero ir yo tambien con mi novio! =)

  • posted by heloise | 23 January 2010, 11:50,

    cool blog

  • posted by Manu | 23 January 2010, 11:51,


  • posted by Collette | 23 January 2010, 11:55,

    I hope my valentine takes me to New York !

  • posted by Davey | 25 January 2010, 13:12,

    Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  • posted by Kuda | 29 January 2010, 16:57,

    Valentines oh valentines day, yet another holiday formualted by woman to dig a deeper hole into their lover and pretty much any1 who will give them a present. On the upside tho use smart men have chosent to change the misfortune ofthis day in our favour, how you may ask?Well take notes gentleman.
    1. Valentine is a day 4 all those wid loved ones and bla bla bla, no because of this there a many girls out there without boyfriends and due to the flaunting and showing off of the woman who have significant others, this leads to abit of depression and low self esteem.

    Now here is the thing pretty much any attention from a guy will bring so much joy to them and trust me they will be very grateful.

    so enjoy gentleman this is a gud day.

    Happy Valentines!lol

  • posted by Rebecca | 09 February 2010, 17:16,

    Ahh Paris is so romantic…shame I don´t have anyone to go with! snif snif

  • posted by Robin | 23 February 2010, 12:42,

    Arghh Valentines day, mine was a complete disaster…I didn’t get any cards or gifts. I hope next years will be better.


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