One of a kind local experiences for Millennial Travellers

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Millennials haven’t been travelling for long but they already represent a big chunk of core customers. Born in the mid 80’s, Millennial Travellers are young, seeking to live in the present and craving adventures. These spontaneous travellers love one-of-a-kind local experiences. Whether it be food-related, local events and activities or taking classes of things they have never done before or are good at but seek added experience. Here, you’ll find  some tips and authentic local experiences that seem created just for them. 

A different side to South Africa

While most people who travel to this African country go there seeking Safari travel adventures, wine tasting tours and Cape Town’s amazing nightlife, Millennials will be adding that to other activities such as getting an up-close view to Cape Town’s artists co-ops and townships. Millennials make a point to learn about the world they live in and strive to support their beliefs by engaging locally and encouraging others to participate in the cause via social media.

By visiting Cape Town’s townships, Millennials will meet the Capetonians who were subjected to, resisted and overcame apartheid. Spending a day at a township like Langa – the oldest in South Africa – this new generation of travellers will get a good idea about why and how they were created, what life is like there and how they can cooperate.

There are many organized and guided tours of the townships (it’s not advisable to go on your own) where to experience the warmth and friendliness of local residents. But instead of experiencing them from inside a tour bus, Millennials will walk its streets, hear the children play, and taste locally brewed beer.

Artists Co-ops in Cape Town

While getting an insiders’ scoop on townships, Millennials will also have the opportunity to meet the local artists working in fully self-governed cooperatives like Sophumelela or Singalakha, who have their very own flagship stores where to purchase their amazing creations and support the cause.

Foodie Heaven

Social causes aside, Millennials are young gourmets who travel in search of local culinary experiences. And South Africa is a foodie heaven as its cuisine rivals Paris, London and New York for it’s variety of first-class restaurants, small tasty Street stalls and culinary tours.

The Winelands are set in lush green valleys, historic wine estates and are surrounded by stunning mountain backdrops. Amongst the best in this area are the River Café and La Colombe

Apart from fine-dining, Millennials can get a taste of Cape Malay cuisine, enjoyed in local eateries as well as learning to cook ostrich, venison and crocodile dishes. An excellent tour that combines safari experiences with bush cooking is Samp and Souffle, where they’ll learn the trick of the trade by exciting new South African chefs.

Artists Retreats

Millennials Travellers are natural born story tellers. They record their travel experiences with photos and short texts, create story books with their mobile devices and love to share their insider’s take on their travels thru social media, blogs and creative sites.

There is an endless variety of artists retreats in this vast planet of ours that make for great Millennial destinations. Painting in Tuscany, multidisciplinary art camps in Budapest and writers’ retreats in Japan. Here are some of our favourite:

  • In Paris, hop on over to the famous booksellers Shakespeare and Company located on the Left Bank. Opend by George Whitman in 1951, this bookstore is a sanctuary for aspiring writers and artists.What makes visiting this gem worth your while is the fact that you can actually crash upstairs and join the long list of famous writers who did just that in the past: Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Durrell.
  • Located on a hilltop above the village of Noepoli in Southern Italy is the  Palazzo Rinaldi Retreat, an arts-friendly community that is currently accepting applications for submissions.
  • Artists, writers and scientists meet in Japan at this retreat where you´ll see papermasters at work and learn natural building techniques.  

To learn more about artists retreats in Europe visit this site.

Even if you’re not a Millennial Traveller, they are setting the trends for a new kind of experience. Why not follow their footsteps and make your next travels something to remember? What will you be learning this Summer?

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