The best kept secrets in London

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Discovering something new is part of the thrill in travelling. And when we stumble upon something new, we tend to want to share it with others. This is exactly what happened to us when we came across these unconventional and secret restaurants, bars and venues in Britain´s capital. Here are our favourite hidden gems you too can enjoy during your next trip to London.

The Doodle Bar

Located near Battersea Park, at 33 Parkgate Road, in a dark alley surrounded by warehouses, is the Doodle Bar, a cool place to have a drink and test your drawing or sketching skills. Chalkboard walls are covered with doodles made by local patrons. Make sure to ask for their schedule of events that include life-drawing classes. If you´re searching for views, then make your way up to the terrace that overlooks the river.  Now that the World Cup has started, the Doodle Bar is a great place to watch the matches.


The Guardian included it in their list of top 5 quirky restaurants and bars and Time Out declared that going to the Jamboree was one of the best things to do in London. Located within the Cable Street Studios, this bohemian, live-music venue has no sign on its doors. All you have to do is follow the sound of music into Jamboree,  part junk shop, part cabaret. Want to enjoy the Golden Age of Jazz or take in a night of cabaret and rucksack? Every Monday a collective of musicians leads patrons through folk, world music and gypsy rock and roll.


Very close to the subway stop in Brixton, a secret cinema is one of the places that only locals enjoy. Right between a boxing gym and a church, the Whirleart cinema only allows members into the movies but you can purchase a weekly membership card so you too can enjoy the latest independent film showings.  A hidden paradise for film lovers.

Gordon´s Wine Bar

Right in the heart of Covent Garden, stands one of London´s oldest bars. Established in 1890, owners and patrons pride themselves in the motto: No change! Gordon´s Wine Bar maintains its original decor and provides traditional cuisine, tapas and buffet style food bathed by its award winning wine list. Time Out calls it one of the most extraordinary bars in London. During the day it tends to be quiet and more intimate. At night, it´s hard to find a table in this den-like institution.

Shochu Lounge

This basement bar on 37 Charlotte Street is part of Japanese Roka´s underground project. This sexy subterranean lounge serves Japanese cocktails and the lunch and dinner menus from Roka, the award-winning restaurant upstairs.  Its name comes from Japan´s most popular spirit, Shochu that dates back to the 14th century.


Care to adventure into the Swaminarayan Temple and cross the street for a taste of London´s best vegetarian Indian cuisine? Located near the Stonebridge and Wembley Park tube stations, get ready to be transported to an unforgettable dining experience. The menu at Shayona includes cuisine from the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions, delicious rich curries and incredible southern Indian dosas.

On your next trip to London, make sure to enjoy its hidden gems and keep it our secret! 

Photo Credits: Mohammed Moosa, _DChris



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