The Now Generation: things they can´t live without

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Never has the travel industry faced so many demands by a group who really hasn´t been travelling for that long. It’s also been faced with having to listen to the loud complaints of the members of this generation of Millennial Travellers, who are quick to voice their opinions when their experience don’t meet their expectations. In this post we´re going to take you on a tour of how this new breed moves in the world and the travel technology  they can’t live without.

Millennial Travellers, to whom we dedicate this entire month of July, are also called the “Now generation” or “Gen Y” because they crave instant gratification and know how to get it. Being tech savvy, the Now generation, the world´s most accomplished travellers, use all their mobile devices to plan, organize, book, experience, review and share their travels. What they aspire to is being able to personalize their travels based on local and expert information. 

  • 75% of Now Generation travellers use smartphones and tablets on the road for both business and leisure, and are becoming important customers to hotels, airlines and travel organizations. By the year 2020, they are expected to spend 50% on business flights alone.
  • They add vacation days to their business trips and have their boss foot the bill for room service and high-end meals. Note: 3 out of 5 Millennial Travellers have already extended their work trips into vacations.
  • Millennial Travellers feel more entitled to up-grades, loyalty programs and the reward points they earn.
  • They take nearly nine trips a year, combining business and leisure.
  • 4 out of 5 Millennials say online reviews are important when making travel decisions. They trust what their friends and people with first-hand experience say more than they do travel corporations.
  • A recent study released by reveals that 39% of business travellers work more hours when they´re away from home than at the office.
  • They can’t live without Wi-Fi and while they’re willing to foot the bill for in-flight service, they find that being charged for it at a hotel is preposterous and against the rules.
  • They´d rather use apps to record, document and share their experience with fellow Millennials and family rather than pick up the phone to call.
  • Lee McCabe, the director of global travel at Facebook believes that members of the Now Generation want spontaneity and want to be connected. Furthermore, they are more likely to change their travel plans at the last minute.
  • They are more likely to travel to eat and support causes they believe in more than any other type of traveller. Offline, they continue connecting and integrating their causes by actively engaging in them.
  • According to the study carried out by the Boston Consulting Group for Consumer and Customer Insight, Millennials expect companies to care about social issues and will reward those that partner with the right causes.
  • The same study reveals that Millennial Travellers have a tendency to live in the moment and make decisions at the last minute.
  • Amongst the hot items Millennial Travellers take with them when travelling we can find: travel devises, international travel adaptors, headphones, carry-ons and gadgets like Mophie, which doubles the battery life and data storage of their smartphones. 

What gadgets and travel needs do you believe are indispensable?

Photo Credits: Afifi Abdul Latiff,Yosomono


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