Top Travel Destinations for Millennial Travellers

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Like baby boomers, Millennial Travellers seek and crave adventure.  The difference is that this last group, also called Generation Y, have become their own travel agent. They are more open to new experiences and embrace a global perspective. According to Skift, Millennial Travellers prefer to lose their luggage than going out without their smart phones. We know a lot about this ever- increasing important travel group, but where will they go? What destinations will they choose? We’d like to share our 5 travel predictions and top travel destinations for the “new guest in town.”

Latin, Central and South America vs. Asia

Both parts of the world are very enticing, but South America is far more diverse. While Asia offers stunning jungle, beaches, mountains, volcanoes and canyons, how can they possibly compare to exploring glaciers, deserts, salty expansive lakes or vast wildlife reserves, with a focus on conservation (something of utmost importance for them).

The Andes and the Amazon Rainforest are two of the most breath-taking experiences the world has to offer. Our predictions have Millennial Travellers heading towards cities like Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso, and Cartagena, which are much more organized with better infrastructure than Asia, and become excellent gateways for exploring Latin, Central and South American at its best.

Beach, Mountain, City

Most Millennial travellers will hit the beach this Summer, followed by mountains and cities. Keeping in mind that MT’s will travel south, what better destinations are there than Argentina, Chile, ColombiaUruguay, Venezuela and Mexico to enjoy all three?

 New vs. Old

This Summer, almost 70 % of Millennial Travellers would prefer to visit somewhere new than returning to a favourite vacation destination. For Europeans, according to Lonely Planet’s latest top travel destinations, this means: Porto and Douro Valley in Portugal, Budapest, Hungary, Northern Iceland, Cinque Terre, Italy, Moravia, Czech Republic, Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Social & Experiential Travel

Helping the environment is a good reason to travel, at least for Millennial Travellers who seek to do something new. So,  why not volunteer, use green transportation and stay in an eco-friendly luxury resort at that? This group of travellers crave for authentic experiences with a sense of place and they’re redefining the meaning of luxury with time, silence and disconnection.

According to luxury travel magazines, bath butlers and pillow menus are out. Unique, personalized experiences are in.

Social responsibility, mountain lodges, volunteering, participating in community events like beach clean-ups or turtle conservation, pushing their physical limits and engaging in local issues and needs are rewarding travel experiences for them and it doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

Millennial Travellers not only want to travel to new sites and enjoy local experiences, but they expect to contribute to the community and the world.  According to recent reports, 77% of Millennial Travellers believe it is imperative to address causes that are important to them.  

Food Destinations

When on a Summer vacation, almost 30 percent of Millennial Travellers choose to dine at restaurants they can’t find at home. From world-famous chefs who host classes to eating at local restaurants.  The 2014 Travel Awards for Best Foodie Destinations include Flanders and Wallonia in Belgium and Southern Louisiana, but Spain is still considered the mecca for foodies. Tapas in Barcelona or Madrid make for quintessential travel destinations. 

Are you a Millennial Traveller?  Where will you be going to this Summer?

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