Tourism trends for this summer

By NH | 16:36

Summer is almost here! Have you booked your summer vacation yet? No? Then it’s high time that you did! There are many places to choose from, and we have so many options for you all  around the world. However, let us make your life a little easier by telling you which are the trending destinations this year. Take note and start planning your holidays before it’s too late!


It is one of France’s most loved cities and is equally as popular with the French as it is with those visiting. It’s a beautifully warm coastal city, one of the most Mediterranean in the country. Marseille is a historical city with more than 2500 years of history to boot. The iconic Borely Park, the extravagant architectonic splendour of the Palace of Longchamps, the emblematic Notre-Dame de la Garde… the list goes on.

Marseille is also a multicultural place, and discovering the wonders of this picturesque city lets you travel to different corners of the planet. Hanging out in the enchanting Panier neighbourhood or visiting its various traditional markets is a must when in Marseille.


The fact that it’s located on the Mediterranean coast is one of the reasons that so many people have included this city on their bucket list in the past years. Apart from the beauty of the city, there are so many wonderful beaches and coves to explore. And, when better than during summertime? Rent a car and drive through the city and its surroundings, you’ll fall in love with it!


We feel so proud of having two amazing hotels in the city: our one and only NH Collection Marseille, recently opened and ideally located in La Joliette district, and the modern, unique and elegant nhow Marseille, the perfect choice for a summer stay!



The south of Spain is always en vogue, it doesn’t matter what time of the year! The good weather and unique charm of its many cities make Andalusia one of the most visited areas in Spain. And one of those places is Málaga, that has recently become more and more popular by both national and international tourists.


Málaga has it all: beautiful beaches, good food, an amazing historic center, the impressive Gibralfaro castle, a wide variety of historic and artistic museums (including Picasso’s birthplace), and so many beautiful little coastal villages that can be easily reached by public transport or by car. Another reason is how the people of Málaga are known for being so close and open to everyone. This is something that makes guests feel comfortable when in the city and has made it a destination that people just keep coming back to.

With Málaga considered a summer must, it’s no surprise that some of the best events of the year take place during July and August. Take note! The Starlite festival in Marbella, a boutique festival where music, culture, gastronomy and people from all walks of life meet. Sounds good, right? You may also want to experience the famous Feria de Málaga in August, the most important festivity in the city: all kind of fun events await you there!



Let’s stay in Andalusia for a while longer, specifically in its capital city: Seville. Again, the nice weather and an enchanting historic center are some reasons why this city has also been included on many 2018 must-visit lists. Moreover, Lonely Planet selected Seville as the best place to visit in 2018, which has placed its name firmly on the map as one of the top destinations worldwide. A huge historical and artistic heritage has been the main reason why.


Are you already planning to visit it? Then, get ready to be amazed by the colors and architecture of the famous Plaza de España, what a masterpiece! Do the must-see tour around the city to enjoy the iconic Giralda, the splendorous Reales Alcázares, the outstanding Cathedral of Seville and the fascinating modern construction Metropol Parasol, also known as the “mushrooms” of Seville because of their shape.

What about going on a boat tour around the Guadalquivir River? The perfect way to delight in the exquisiteness of each and every single corner that this southern city has to offer. There’s so much to do and see in Seville, we could go on and on! But, it’s down to you to discover the rest.



We’ll move across to Northern Italy for the fourth trending city of the year. It’s Venice’s turn, one of the most emblematic cities of la bella Italia. Everyone says Venice is one of those place you have to visit at least once in a lifetime; the maze-like narrow streets and labyrinthine of canals, its romantic atmosphere, and unique Italian elegance.


This ancient city built on a lagoon is picture perfect! It is the unexpectedness, the feeling and the combination of art and history that make Venice the best choice for a holiday destination. And, we all know how much we appreciate good gastronomy when travelling around… Venice has that too! It is one of the fanciest cities regarding Italian cuisine. Another positive thing is the fact that it’s perfect for whatever the kind of getaway you embark on: friends, romantic, family… There’s no excuse.

We’ve got 3 options for you to stay with us in this ideal summer destination. Which one will be your choice? We’re sure any of them can fit your needs!


Don’t wait any longer and start planning your summer vacation right now! Are you going to be a trendy traveller and choose any of these top summer destinations? 🙂