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By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

One of the thrills of being in a different city is enjoying it like a local. Even though it´s temporary, you can get a sense of what´s it´s like to live there. A great way to experience life in a new city is thru our five senses, intimately associated with the part of the brain that processes emotion. And if there is one place that every city has that awakens them is where locals buy their food. We´d like to invite you on a special journey of Europe´s greenest cities and their best food markets so you can enjoy a fabulous picnic next time you´re in town.


One of the best things in London is the amazing variety of farmers and food markets available practically every day and in every part of the city. If we add that essential ingredient to the fact that London is one of the world´s greenest capitals, the list of picnic possibilities is endless: Hampstead Heath, Regent´s Park, Hyde Park, St. James, Victoria Park, Battersea, Kensington… No matter what hotel you stay at, you´re bound to have a market and park close by. Below are some of our favourite local food scenes:

The Real Food Market, on Southbank Centre Square, right behind the Royal Festival Hall, brings an amazing range of great produce and the rising stars of London’s street food scene. Commitment to producing the very best, over 40 producers offer sustainable food and drink and is open 3 days at week.

Located at Thomas More Square, the Gourmet Food Market is open every Tuesday this market sells artisan food from around the world and wines and sweet treats to take to the park.

Every Friday and second Saturdays of every month, the Spitalfield Food Market is the place to go. It offers a fabulous range of seasonal and local free-range vegetables, fruit, cheese, juice, bread, cakes and jams.

Right in the heart of Soho, you´ll find the Berwick Street Market.  Established in 1830 and open every morning, vendors sell cheeses, cakes, street food and artisan bread. You´ll find local chefs selecting seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Berlin is another of the world´s greenest cities and has parks and gardens on almost every corner. Tiergarten, Friedrichshain Park, Blankenfelde Botanical Park and Mauer Park are some of the many Green areas where locals go to play, relax and picnic.  And when it comes to food markets, there are at least 3 for each neighbourhood. In fact, there are so many, that a foodie website has been created to list them all.  Locations, schedules and area maps included.

Our favourites are Hackesher Market in Mitte, Schöneberg biweekly, Winterfeldt market and the Türken Market in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood.


The tradition of the Roman open market goes back to at least the 3rd century B.C. and Italy´s capital is right up there on the list of cities with the largest areas of green space. Rome´s greatest park, right in the centre, is Villa Borghese. Villa Pamphili, near the Vatican, is known for it´s silence while the Rose Garden in the Aventino Hill is another has over one thousand varieties of roses that have locals keep coming back.

The Campagna Amica Market in Rome is open every Saturday and Sunday and is located right off the ancient Circus Maximus. This is where you´ll find locally grown produce: olive oil, cheeses, creamed artichokes, prepared homemade specialty dishes and wine.

The market in Testaccio is another classic. Right next to the Macro Museum, you´ll find delicious gourmet hot sandwiches, cheese, breads and fruit. 

Campo de’ Fiori
 is perhaps the most famous of Rome’s many markets. Fresh fruit, fig jam, ready to go dishes such as truffle mushroom pasta, arugula salad, and green olives with chilli… If you want to take home some spectacular sauces, this is the place.

Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon… There are so many more fabulous European cities that offer amazing green spaces and delightful food markets that we could easily turn this into a series for foodies.  In the meantime, remember: next time you visit, find out where the nearest market is, choose your favourite park and picnic like a local.

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