Travel Moments that Millennial Travellers must Experience

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

As you might know, we´re going to dedicate the entire month of July to a new generation of travellers, one that is expected to outnumber baby boomers and reach 78 million by 2013! If you´re reading this, you probably belong to this new breed of traveller that explores destinations, collects stories, demands instant gratification and thinks of Wi-Fi as a necessity, not an amenity. One of the main aspects that differentiates them from the rest of travellers is they seek authentic life experiences.

Learning something new from a local perspective to volunteer travelling, Millennial Travellers not only want to explore new sites and enjoy local experiences. They expect to contribute to the community and the world.  According to recent reports, 77% of Millennial Travellers believe it is imperative to address causes that are important to them.   Let´s discover what type of experiences will seduce this new worldwide explorer.

Millennial Travellers have become their own travel agents and when it comes to choosing an experience or destination, their research begins on their Smart Phones and social networks. Through social media, they share their stories and experiences and make recommendations. Outdoor and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, food and wine festivals, travel for personal interests and relaxation and rejuvenation are the most commonly cited reasons for travel.

Social Travel & Volunteering

Yomps offers overseas volunteering projects, expeditions and courses in more than 20 countries around the world, including Wildlife Research volunteering projects in South Africa, Amazon rainforest conservation in Ecuador and working with local communities in Venezuela. Program durations vary from two weeks to over two years. 

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a global network that connects volunteers with organic farms. For a minimal fee, sometimes assessed to assist with costs, volunteers receive food and accommodations while learning more about organic lifestyles. Volunteers can search for opportunities by country.

Travellers Worldwide offers voluntary placements and work experience internships in over 20 countries to volunteers aged 17+. Choose from over 250 voluntary projects including Care and Community, Teaching, Sports, Work Experience Internships, Conservation, Marine, Language Courses, Cultural Courses, and Drama, Dance & Music.

Didn’t find your ultimate travel experience here? At Idealist you’ll discover most of the world’s leading social, travel work experience and volunteer travel projects. 

I travel to eat, I eat to travel

For most travellers, memorable meals at unique restaurants are the hallmark of any trip. For Millennial Travellers, good meals are one of the reasons to travel. Every year, Travel and Leisure Magazine compiles a list of their insider spots and a guide of Best Places to eat like a Local.  

Another excellent guide is Jodi Ettenberg’s The Food Traveler’s Handbook, that helps discover the world through food and how to use food to plan long and short-term trips, including ethical considerations when eating in far-flung destinations and tips for special dietary needs.

Saveur Travel Culinary Awards honours those who travel to eat. Make sure you read all the latest “best of”, including best restaurants, markets, hotel bars and culinary trips to catch up on the latest trends and tips.

Solo Expeditions or Group Adventures

Would you care to travel solo to the North Pole? How about 4 weeks alone in the Arctic? Want to get close up to whales and orcas? If you’re a Millennial Traveller, you probably think we read your mind.

If you want to get the latest scoop on adventure travel, whether it be solo or in a group, National Geographic publishes The Ultimate Adventure Bucket List each year, which shares the wildest of dream trips in the world.

The Global Expeditions Club has incredible upcoming trips like the Eco & Adventure Tour in Costa Rica, Trek to Machu Pichu in Peru and Kayaking through Nicaragua.

What type of destination will you be choosing to go to this Summer?  

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