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By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Can a smartphone help you pack your suitcase? Yes, they can and they, like all great travel apps, can actually do a lot more than that.  Need to know how to ask for the restroom in Japanese, cut travel time, discover the latest gastro eateries or know what local bus to take?  These apps will become your next favourite personal assistant and a hell of a lot cheaper.  You may never look at travelling with the same eyes, so be prepared!

 Weather App

An intuitive app offering weather reports for well over two million geographical locations, feeding in everything from cloud formations and atmospheric pressure to wind speed and humidity. The ability to add multiple locations along your trip (place of departure and destination) is a fantastic feature and it even lets you tomorrow’s forecast by the hour.


Once installed, this app drastically reduces the amount of data required to perform everyday tasks. It monitors and analyses mobile data to keep your battery from being drained, a recurring problem.


Over 10 million people in the world use this app. This app instantly organizes your trips, gives you real time flight alerts and wide range of other incredible travel services. Booking, planning, travel tools, maps, directions and online check in. 


HopStop is the best transit app available. Get detailed subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions, real-time transit information via HopStop Live!, maps, nearby station search and schedules in over 600 cities throughout the world. It can even estimate travel time and cost for a taxi!

Pin Drop

The Sunday Times listed it as the Top Travel App, catering to travellers who go with the flow and lean towards spontaneity. Pin Drop keeps track of the places you love, organises your business, or shares cool destinations with friends.
 You can also discover amazing places, recommended by top curator. People use it for house hunting
, delivery routes, location scouting, hunting and fishing,
 hiking and cycling, hotels, farming and much more.


Time Magazine listed it as one of the Top 50 Best apps! This visual guide to food and where to find it is unlike any other restaurant app. This one is about dishes, not just restaurants and it responds  to your every gastronomic whim and lets you know what is good to eat where, what it looks like and where you can find the best dumplings, samosas, sushi…

Wi-Fi Finder

It´s a shame that most hotels charge you for the use of Internet or Wi-Fi. That´s why it´s essential to find decent hotspots wherever you go. Quickly and easily, the Wi-Fi app finds free or paid Wi-Fi when you travel. Download all of the locations offline, so you know how to stay connected when you are on the road. 

Using the GPS function on your iPhone, the Wi-Fi finder will tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is, and how to get there.


This app translates anything you say into the mic. All you need to do is set the language you want to translate from and the one to translate to. Speak into your mic and the app will say and write  the phrase you need. Being able to communicate in-person with anyone, in his or her  native language and dialect is simply amazing.

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