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Innovation has no limits, no barriers. Innovation is about creating or finding ideas, selecting, implementing and commercializing them. The process of innovation goes from idea generation, through validation test to final product or service. And this applies to any discipline: medicine, architecture, design… even cooking!

In the past few years, a new form of tourism focusing on the cuisine of your destination has emerged. Travelers are dedicated to locating local places to eat and are eager to experience exciting, culinary adventures.

The combination of these two elements has propagated the creation of new, interesting and sometimes even odd eating-out experiences. Here a some of them:

Dinner in the Sky. Brussels, Belgium.

If something is not invented, it certainly would not be on planet Earth and would not be human. If you are brave and are not afraid of heights you may be able to enjoy this crazy experience. The restaurant serves a fun dinner for 22 people as it moves. Yes, as it moves and moves through the air.

The restaurant is located 50 meters above ground and is supported by a crane. Is it safe? The answer is a resounding yes.

The platform the restaurant is built on is also very special. It is designed to withstand 80 tons of weight. So if you eat a lot, don’t worry.  You can fatten up discretely on the platform. Dishes are made from a special material to keep food warm despite the wind and cold.

Once settled on the platform, you rise towards the sky and dine with the best view that only Dinner in the Sky can offer. Brussels is not the only place you’ll find this amazing service, which can be rented for birthday parties, weddings and any other event you can think of. The company runs several tourist spots around the world, and has already been in Las Vegas, Berlin, Barcelona and other great cities.

Red Sea Star. Israel.

The Red Sea Star restaurant is, so far, the only submarine bar in the world. Five meters below the surface and star-shaped, this restaurant is a paradise for customers who prefer seeing fish and seahorses instead of cars and buildings passing by when looking through the panoramic windows.

To get there you don’t need to be a diver – simply walk down the 70 meters long bridge that connects the coast of the Israeli city of Eilat to the platform of the Star, which is actually a multi-purpose complex including bar, auditorium and much more.

The floor is made of real sand and covered by a transparent layer of epoxy, imparting the pleasant feeling of walking on wet sand. The chairs mimic jellyfish and octopuses and the design of the lamps is also inspired by marine life.

All tables are located next to large windows and all sorts of marine creatures can be seen, allowing the customers to experience the sea without getting wet, or what is called “dry dive”.


A380 In-Flight Kitchen. Taipei.

A restaurant-plane that offers a dining experience combining American and Chinese food and atmosphere within an aircraft.  “A380 In-Flight Kitchen” is entirely themed as if it were a plane, with its small windows, roof rack, trolley on board, flight attendants and even the striking division of classes in Economy Class, Business and First, with different services in each.

Although the experience can be interesting, some customers might find it uncomfortable because of the small space and the mass use of disposable dishes and cutlery, typical in aircraft.

Restaurant 11, Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

Located in the old Post Office in the city of Amsterdam, Restaurant 11, named 11 to honor the floor it is located on, offers one of the best views that can be seen in the city. Huge screens on the walls show pictures taking by diners in real time.

The 10 lower floors of the building belong to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Amsterdan. You wouldn’t expect to find such an unusual restaurant on the top floor of the building. You have to make your way through a small, narrow hallway filled with graffiti to get to the elevator where an old music player can be heard. When you get to the 11th floor, you’ll find yourself in a huge room divided into two rooms, a very high ceiling and surrounded by windows from which you can enjoy one of the best views of the city lights at night. The first room is the restaurant and brewery with about 200 seats for dinner. The second room is the dancefloor.

Baggers. Nuremberg, Germany.

This restaurant is considered to be the first to offer a fully-automated service – no food is served by waiters. Payments are by credit card. Customers select and order their meal via a touch screen menu. Orders are prepared in the kitchen upstairs and, within a few minutes, dishes are delivered at the tables through a mechanical delivery system.

It looks very futuristic but is already a reality. Quick and simple, but missing a personal touch. Something halfway between self-service and a huge vending machine.

This video illustrates the concept of Baggers:

At the end of the day, some staff do work at the reastaurant… the only difference is that they don’t carry out tasks such us taking orders, bringing dishes, billing, etc. The only thing they do is worry about the quality of the service, help customers with questions and prepare the food. The company has learnt that this service can improve the customer experience while simultaneously reducing costs by 40% to 50%.

Have you visited any of them? Tell us about your experience!

Photo credits: 1. Terra 2. Aol Travel

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