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Wondering where to get next on your holiday? Not sure whether to go on beach break or sightseeing? Well stop right there because we have the answer! Volunteering holidays are the perfect way to mix getting to know the culture of a place, meeting the local people and giving something back to the community you’re in, making you a better person. And if you don’t fancy travelling alone, take a friend or go in a group, either way you’re sure to have a great time!

Here are a few ideas of where you could go…


Help organise and run summer camps for disadvantaged children in the city of Berlin . You can help with activities such as painting, art, games, sports, and running the canteen at lunch. For children who don’t get to travel much, this is a great way to have fun without even leaving the city.



Budapest’s Autumn Festival takes place in October each year featuring all sorts of arts, music, dance, drama, poetry and more. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then volunteering there will give you the chance to experience it all and give something back to the community.

Budapest Autumn Festival






In London there are many charities that are dedicated to providing opportunities to disabled children and their families, helping them to get out and about in society and gaining access to the services they need. Volunteers are always needed to keep this organisations going, and no experience is necessary!


A London Bus

More London…

Why not plan ahead and volunteer to work at the 2012 London Olympics? There’s no age limit, no experience is needed and it’s a great way to meet people from all over the world. And who knows, you may get to meet your favourite athlete!


London 2012 Olympics Logo


Why not volunteer in an elderly residential home in Barcelona? There are many programmes available and you’ll get to mix with the local people, learn about new cultures and most importantly help other people. And in your free time you have all of Barcelona at your fingertips!



Teaching languages abroad is an ideal way to see a city, help the local population and volunteer at the same time, and there are always plenty of language schools who’ll want your help. Rome is a great city for sight seeing, and with the amount of tourists it receives each year the local population are always interested in learning new languages.


Volunteering holidays can be hard work, but what do you say? Are you ready for the challenge?!

  • posted by Laura | 10 August 2010, 8:58,

    Nice idea! although it also depends on your capability to get some time off work.

    Laura C.

  • posted by Xavier | 10 August 2010, 9:15,

    Anyone volunteer to clean my flat?

  • posted by Emily | 10 August 2010, 13:16,

    Wow! What fantastic ideas. I’m planning my volunteering holiday already! Thanks NH! 🙂

  • posted by fellow blogger | 10 August 2010, 14:35,

    Nice blog quite interesing and something to think about really. You could volunteer for a few days and then go site seeing!

    I’d love to go the Budapest festival looks great 🙂

  • posted by Udaipur hotels | 08 September 2010, 11:19,

    Thanks for sharing this info with us, it’s really great article

  • posted by bhagwati suthar | 04 January 2011, 12:01,

    Nice idea! although it also depends on your capability to get some time off work.


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