A Winter’s Tale in the Cutest Towns of Europe

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This Winter, let’s take a breath from the big cities and take a moment to explore some of the most beautiful towns and cities in Europe that are well known but not overly touristic. There are so many cute places waiting to be discovered, to teach you local culture and enrich your love of travel. History, art, beauty… these are the perfect and coziest destinations for your winter getaway this year.



Almost right where Germany ends and the Czech Republic begins, and nestled in the valleys of the River Elbe, we find the first ‘village’ on our list: Dresden. Because of its important historic heritage and natural beauty, this lovely little place has always cast a certain spell over those that visit.

Every single corner has a story to tell, something that makes it extraordinary, especially when you learn that Dresden was bombarded back in the 1685 but on recovering, not only was it rebuilt but it took its first steps to becoming the city we know today. It was again attacked during the WWII but in the following years, pieced itself back together and is once again the incredible flourishing city, drawing in all manner of visitors from around the world.


In between all the things it can be proud of, you’d be crazy to miss out on visiting its Frauenkirche Baroque church, considered the symbol of Dresden. Also, the Royal Palace, the Zwinger museum complex  and the Semperoper cathedral are three of the must-see’s this city has for you (and they are so close to where our accommodation options are!) . Did you know that the oldest European funicular is found there? And that it has some of the cutest winter markets? The stately city of Dresden awaits your visit to teach you about History, art and splendour.


Have you ever heard of this Romanian village? It’s never too late to, especially with us. Part of its allure is the fact that it’s not such a touristic place, but it’s safe to say it is well worth a weekend. You’ll want to come back.


Neat, clean and full of colorful buildings, influenced by a mixture of Art Nouveau and Baroque architecture, like the picturesque Piata Unirii square and commercial centre, for example. Dating back to the Middle Ages, it has an important industrial history and is one of the best examples of a village with a multicultural legacy around Europe. It used to be under the power of the Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburgs, and all of them leaving their mark on what it is today.


Timisoara was also one of the most emblematic and strategic spots during the Romanian Revolution back in 1989, with beautiful street art decorating the walls as a reminder. Nowadays, it is a vivid place, full of life, good vibes and young people. If you’re planning to come to our NH Timisoara, let us suggest you one last thing: the Strada Alba Iulia, is a street covered by a blanket of colorful umbrellas. Impressively lovely!


If we were to mention Lake Como, it’s highly likely that you’ll know where we’re talking about. But, what if we say Lake Lecco? Not so familiar with that one, are you? Well, in fact, this is a not-that-known part of the same lake. The River Adda ends up in Lake Lecco, located in the Italian village of the same name, right on the other side of where Como is located.


Surrounded by nature, Lecco is the next suggestion on our list of fascinating European destinations. Often covered in a blanket of white during wintertime, its Romanesque architecture is probably one of the most appealing characteristics of this Italian spot, together with the contrast seen in between the lake and the Grigna and Resegone mountains. So inspiring!


Already captivated? Write down this must see’s before visiting it: San Nicola church, Piazza XX Settembre (an effortlessly elegant place!), the Belgioioso Palace and Villa Manzoni, where you’ll be delighted by the works of Alessandro Manzoni and beautiful contemporary art. Is there something we’re missing? Oh! Delicious Italian gastronomy… and our NH Lecco Pontevecchio!

La Spezia

Let’s stay in Italy for a little while longer. This time, we’ll explore La Spezia, a wonderful city sometimes considered as the connection between the villages of the World Heritage Site Cinque Terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.


La Spezia is an attractive, romantic spot, with its coastal houses, its port and the Ligurian sea breaking its waves into the rocks of this charming village. The colors of the cultural heritage sites of La Spezia, together with the blue sea, and the green forests look like a carefully designed artistic composition. Another advantage? The nice weather, warm and nice all year long, which is great if you want to get rid of cold temperatures for a while.


They say that an image worth more than a thousand words… we’re not so sure. So, come see it yourself!

So, in the mood for a winter getaway in any of these charming destinations? Even a brief weekend break will top up your love of travelling and take you away from the humdrum of the daily routine. And, we think that these places deserve to be visited as much as you deserve a winter break!


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