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It’s been a long wait but 2010’s World Cup has finally kicked off to an interesting start. 2010’s month of football madness is bound to be one of the most exhilarating events to date; hosted for the first time in Africa it’s sure to be a remarkable experience.

If you’re lucky enough to be in South Africa to soak up the excitement then we are all extremely jealous! That’s not to say you’re not going to have a fun filled time cheering on your national team from wherever in the world you may be.

Are you ready?

So here’s a few ideas to get the party started:

Get yourself a wall chart

Now, we wouldn’t want to encourage gambling but a bit of friendly competition between friends and family is not going to hurt is it?! A World Cup wall chart is the perfect way to record all the highs and lows of the tournement.


Warning - may cause extreme competitive behaviour!

Adopt a few teams…

…that are better than your national team! So your team has been booted out in the first stages of the competition? Now you’re not going to sulk for a whole month are you?! All you have to do is adopt some of the more talented teams; you could even try to convince people you’re a native-just learn the lingo!

So you're not Brazilian? Who cares?!

So you're not Brazilian? Who cares?

Learn the football chants

A great way to cheer on your team and practice your vocal skills at the same time. If chanting in a foreign language it’s probably best to know what your saying first-you have been warned!

Learn the lyrics to Shakira’s World Cup anthem WAKA WAKA and you’re sure to be singing it all summer long.

Show your support!

Who said facepaints were only for children’s birthday parties?

A devoted Ghanaian fan

A devoted Ghanaian fan

Or blue bodies were only for smurfs?


''I LOVE being blue!''

Or wigs just for bald people?


Does my head look big in this?

Most importantly of all…

Grab yourself some beers, invite some mates round and ENJOY!

Get the party started!

Get the party started!

Are your feet still itching to be part of the action in South Africa? There is still time…book your flight now! What’s stopping you?! Just take care someone doesn’t blow a Vuvuzela down the phone when you ring your boss to tell him you’re going to be off sick on Monday morning!

Your boss may not be convinced you have stomach ache!

Your boss may not be convinced you have stomach ache!

  • posted by Angela | 14 June 2010, 21:29,

    ur soo witty emily i love it lol
    not actually read ita ll yet ill comment in a minute when i have lool

  • posted by Angela | 14 June 2010, 21:31,

    where is that picture from of everyyone watching football lmao its funnyy!!

  • posted by Sabrina | 15 June 2010, 9:51,

    not that keen on the football, but the pictures were funny, thanks NH!

  • posted by brooke | 15 June 2010, 10:51,

    i wish i could be over there to experience the atmosphere! thanks for the tips on celebrating at home though!

  • posted by Lila | 16 June 2010, 11:42,

    On peut même pas rester dans les hôtels en Afrique du Sud! Mais il est bon très bon le blog

  • posted by Tom | 16 June 2010, 17:58,

    The Shakira song is amazinnnggg-love it! wakka wakka yeah YEAH! hahaha 🙂

  • posted by Mark | 17 June 2010, 8:49,

    Maybe you could do a blog for people who aren’t so keen on football maybe? I read the Tuscany one and it was good.

  • posted by Xavier | 17 June 2010, 15:21,

    Very, very funny… “I LOVE being blue!” hahaha

  • posted by Max | 24 June 2010, 20:51,

    I am enjoying the world cup……..


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