Beachlovers favourite destinations

By NH | 11:37

There’s no debate that the ultimate place to celebrate summer is at a beach. Blue waters and soft sands in the hot sun attract all kinds of summer activities, and its why so many people flock to them for vacation. But true beach lovers know where their time is best spent when looking for a piece of paradise to enjoy. So for your summer vacation, consider the 5 favourite destinations of seasoned beach bums all over the world..


Mallorca is a jack of all trades when it comes to beaches. From pebble covered coves to rock cliff coasts, and from forested shores to the classic white sandy beach, there’s something for every kind of beach lover in this mediterranean jewel. Be sure take a trip to more than one beach as no two are quite the same!

For picturesque sandy beaches, be sure to make your way to Cala Portals Vells. A mix of rocky edges and cream-coloured sands, turquoise waters stretch out into the Balearic sea. After a few hours of tanning or swimming, walk down the walking path further to find caves carved into the cliff, open for exploration!


If your hotel is directly in Palma de Mallorca, such as NH Ciutat de Mallorca, a beach is still within your reach!  After taking the time to discover Palma and all the amazing sights within the city, your beach day destination is Cala Pi: A small but beautiful hideaway, a steep staircase leads you to this cliff-walled beach with aquamarine waters. Set back 100 metres from the ocean, the water is as still as a spa.

For those who love a good beach road trip, grab your towel, your crew, and drive down Sa Calobra to its dreamy beach destination. Pass through deep valleys and soaring hills to a rocky-pebbled beach wedged perfectly between two sky-scraping rock shelves. For a quieter place to unwind, head just west 2 kilometres to Cala Tuent, a quieter shore surrounded by lush forests. Whatever type of beach you want to explore, Mallorca has it all!



Situated beautifully on the cliff, Taormina offers amazing views, historic architecture, and just beyond the city, stunning beaches. Serving as Sicily’s summer star, the tourist town lives up to its name of being a gorgeous vacation destination.

The nearest beach to the city is Lido Mazzaro, where sands stretch around a sapphire cove leading up to a large rocky peninsula. The area is well supplied by bars and restaurants, making it a convenient hub for those looking for a meal in between their beach time. Just beyond Lido Mazzaro is Isola Bella, a smaller option. Isola Bella’s beach is hugged by the rocky peninsula to the left and the Isola Bella nature reserve to its right, just a quick sandy trail away from Mazzarro and a quick 15 minute drive from NH Collection Taormina.

Just south of Taormina is Giardini Naxos, a grander alternative to Lido Mazzaro and Isola Bella. The long expanse of ivory sand is worth the drive for the extra space! Walk along the back of the beach and browse through the souvenir shops to find a little memoir of this wonderful place. In Taormina, your summer vacation can feel straight out of a novel.


Punta Cana

Punta Cana’s beaches are iconic. Very few beaches within the Caribbean come close to the pure and serene feeling you get when you stay here. For this reason, Punta Cana is a very popular destination for beach seekers. Paradise is more accessible than you think it is, Punta Cana regulars know that.

A 10 minute walk from NH Punta Cana, Bavaro Beach has pearl white sands that stretch for what seems like forever. Slender palms waver in the breeze, providing post great shade and a possible post for your hammock. The water is a tempting shade of blue that welcomes swimmers to run in enjoy the sunniest days in the Atlantic.

If you want to do more than sunbathe and swim on the beach, there’s many opportunities on Bavaro to do different beach activities. Ride along the waves on a sailing cruise, or perhaps you’d like to meet a dolphin at the dolphin water park! With options like these, Punta Cana can bring a beach to life for you!


San Sebastián

Enticing and magnetic, San Sebastian has been a long time favourite of Europeans. It opens as a place  of rich history and culture, and finishes with the extensive beaches that mark when the city ends. Experience the golden sands and the azure waters that are the cherry on top to this charming destination!

Widely considered one of the best city beaches in Europe, Playa de la Concha is stretches almost as long as the city itself does, with beautiful azure waves cascading on the shores. Lie on the soft sands to tan or venture further to discover Isla de Santa Clara, the small island in the middle of the big blue lagoon that opens San Sebastian to the ocean. However you choose to spend your time, it’ll be an unforgettable beach.

If you’re a surfer, you’ll want to venture beyond to Playa de Zurriola. Notorious as a surfing haven in Spain, find the best waves on the north coast. If you aren’t the greatest surfer, the waters are not ideal for swimming. However, beach volleyball, football, and surfing spectators are all frequent. Fall in love with San Sebastian and its rich culture and beach life!


Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias holds historic pride of being a well kept colonial town and a UNESCO world heritage site. Beyond this however, Cartagena has amazing beaches! Called the “Queen of the Caribbean coast”, see how this amazing wonder lives up to its name!


To start off your beach trips, take a day trip by boating to the very close Tierra Bomba Island Looking over the Cartagena skyline, the coastline is surrounded by beautiful beaches! The island is plentiful in bars and restaurants with refreshing cocktails to enjoy on the shore. Relax in a hammock and watch the sunset over the city from this lovely island!

If you’re interested in a road trip, Playa Blanca is worth the 20 kilometres drive. At the base of Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria National Park, Playa Blanca’s white sand beaches are stunning. Walk along the sugary beaches with teal waters that make you feel like you’ve stepped inside a screensaver. Be sure to stay at NH Cartagena Urban Royal to be able to experience both of these amazing beaches!


Beauty is a key aspect of a good beach. But a great beach will give you peace, adventure, and views that allure people from near and far. With options from all over the world you’re sure to find a beach that gives you that feeling of happiness you’ve been searching for on your vacation. Be sure to stay at NH hotels to have your summer paradise at the reach of your fingertips!