Best hotels for sport lovers

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Are you a big fan of sports? Love living an active lifestyle? Or even the kind of person that loves to keep on top of their fitness routine even when on vacation or when on a business trip? Then this might be the article you’re looking for! We’ll be showing you around some of our best hotels for sport and fitness lovers. Football, gym, golf, paddle… we’ve got plenty of options for you that’ll work you up into a sweat for sure.

For football (and gym) fans

NH Barcelona Stadium

First of all, whether you are a sport lover or not, Barcelona is a must-visit. It’s crammed full with art, beautiful boulevards, colours, unique neighbourhoods and, of course, laced with sporting activities… If your passion is for football, we’ve got the perfect hotel for your stay in Barcelona: the NH Barcelona Stadium. It is the nearest hotel to the FC Barcelona football stadium, Camp Nou! Is there any football love who wouldn’t like to experience the excitement of a Barça football match or at least feel the atmosphere and hear the crowds?


Not only that, but from the services on hand at NH Barcelona Stadium, we have to highlight its amazing rooftop swimming pool, which features an access to its fitness center! Is there a better way of exercising than by overlooking a sunny rooftop while admiring the views of the city and its famous football stadium? Thought not.


NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding

We’ve got another great option in Madrid, an option located on the same street where you’ll find the Santiago Bernabéu stadium (also known as the Real Madrid stadium). This option is our NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, a completely renovated hotel, just off the beaten track in the capital city of Spain. Of course, as fan of football, attending to a Real Madrid football match is an exciting idea. It is as simple as walking down the street, where you’ll be greeted by hundreds of others making their way to the stadium. This hotel is the perfect place to stay for the avid football fan.


Moreover, when not chanting along with your compadres, flex your own sport skills on any of the three paddle courts the hotel boasts, or even sweat it out in the Metropolitan® gym, one of the most famous, best value and full-equipped gyms in the city.  


And after a long day, there’s not a better way of feeling unique than with a visit to the spa. Ice cabins, massages, beauty treatments and so many other different innovative features will be waiting for you to relax and unwind!


Let’s play a few holes

NH Sotogrande

Let’s forget about football for a while and put the focus on the green, the golfing green that is. Which takes us to NH Sotogrande, a modern hotel in Sotogrande, Cádiz, placed in a privileged area near amazing beaches of the Costa del Sol and some of the best golf courses in Spain.


Surrounded by nature, green gardens and just some kilometres away from the coast, this is the perfect base for those that love to be outside. Oh! And if you are not much of a golf lover, there are also the tennis courts for you to make use of (or even just lying on your sun longer by the pool)! Which one would be your choice?


Hotel Almenara

In the same area, only a few kilometres away, the Hotel Almenara is found snuggled in a magical and peaceful environment. A 10 kilometres drive will take you to the beach, but there’s also a lot to enjoy in the hotel.


A fully-equipped gym that’s open from 8am to 9pm, and amazing outdoor pool fenced in extensive green gardens and palm trees,… and a golf course, designed by former Ryder Cup player Dave Thomas, open to hotel guests, members and external clients. Trust us, you’ll end up going there even before you see your room.


Don’t forget to visit (and enjoy) our Elysum Spa. It’s more than just a relaxing place, it’s a beautiful place, with private rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis… Welcome to paradise!


Gym in the city

NH Cali Royal

Let’s travel to beautiful Colombia now to explore two more options we have for our sport lovers. Especially for those who gym addicts. Welcome to NH Cali Royal, a lovely hotel in the Colombian city of Cali right next to the Holguines Trade Center.

NH Cali Royal - POOL

You can choose between all of its services and facilities: relaxing spa, takinga dip in the pool or challenging your body in our compact gym. Being fit has never been so easy!

NH Cali Royal - GYM

NH Collection Medellín Royal

Also in Colombia, but this time in the city of Medellín, our NH Collection Medellín Royal awaits you. A minimalist jewel with the latest and most innovative facilities located in the financial and business district of Medellín. Are you obsessed with cardio machines and weights? This is your hotel! (And your gym!) It’s perfect for both early rises and late trainers, as it opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 10 at night.

NH_Collection_Medellin_Royal-GYM (2)

As it happened with some of the other hotels, you’ll be able to relax and recover from the gym exercises at the hotel spa. Already thinking of a massage there? ‘Cause we are!


So, which of these hotels meets your active life needs? 🙂


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