Checking In? The Best TV Shows about Hotels

If I asked you to name a television programme about a hotel, I’m sure you’d come up with one or maybe two right away. But did you know there have been over eleven series, some of which are still on the air today? We’ve made a nice list of all the tv series centred around hotels, complete with short clips of some hilarious moments!

Fawlty Towers

This is an absolute classic British TV programme, loved the world over. If you’re one of the unfortunate few who have never ever seen an episode, take a look at this clip of Manuel (the hotel’s waiter) practicing his English.

Saved By The Bell

Okay, so the majority of SBTB was focussed on a bunch of kids at an American high school, but there was one season where the gang worked at Malibu Sands Beach Club. Remember that?


About to enter its third series, this award-winning UK comedy series pokes fun at the British tourists who frequent the Spanish resort. It is actually filmed at a real hotel in the area (Hotel Sol Pelicanos-Ocas). Have a taste of sunny Spain in this clip.

Real World: Las Vegas

MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas showed 7 lucky individuals living in a special suite of The Palms hotel in Las Vegas for 4 months. The whole series was centred around Sin City and all the trouble a group of 20-somethings could get into. Here, a preview of their reunion show on MTV:

Paradise Hotel

This FOX reality show from the US is pretty generic. What happens when a bunch of beautiful people get together at a luxurious tropical hotel? Makes for good television, doesn’t it? Have a look at the opening credits here. Quite the cringe-worthy cover of Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” if you ask me…

Hotel Babylon

A bit closer to home, Hotel Babylon follows the lives of workers at a glamorous five-star hotel in the UK. Series four just finished earlier in the summer, but series three featured plenty of guest stars, including Paula Abdul. Have a look!


This simply-titled programme was the first of the bunch in this list. James Brolin starred in this 80s series, made by American TV legend Aaron Spelling (90210, anyone?). Check out all the old-fashioned office paraphernalia in this clip — look kids, a typewriter!

Hotel Inspector

Channel Five brings us this reality series about, well, a hotel inspector. Alex Polizzi travels around the UK turning around struggling B&Bs and inns. Sort of the Gordon Ramsay of hotels. Here’s a spooky promo (yet the actual programme is decidedly un-spooky…):

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

There had to be a Disney show in this list somewhere! This programme shows twin boys Zack and Cody (the same kids who played Ben, Ross’s son on Friends) who live in a hotel. And Disney would just like to confirm that they have no problem with cross-dressing.

Do Not Disturb

This ill-fated series from the States featured a decent lineup and intriguing premise. A hip hotel in New York City with a hilarious cast — what went wrong? Apparently, people didn’t find Jerry O’Connell or Niecy Nash that funny in the end. Do Not Disturb was canceled after just 3 episodes in 2008.


Yes, Whoopi Goldberg. How did this pass you by, you ask? Well, it only lasted one season in 2003 – and wasn’t a massive hit with the conservative population of the US, since there were several gags around President Bush during the American invasion of Iraq.

Hotel (Netherlands)

Oh hey, did you know NH Hotels has a whole documentary series about them in The Netherlands? It’s called “Hotel”, appropriately enough, and follows the real employees of NH in 3 Dutch hotels. Think “Airline”, but about hotels!

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