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So you’ve already seen the many crazy beds out there, but the oddities don’t end there! At NH we know a relaxing bath is the best way to unwind after a stressful business trip or a long day sightseeing, so grab your rubber duck and bathing cap and jump into one of these weird and wonderful tubs…

1. The LED Bath

First up on the list of crazy baths is The LED bath designed by Jan Puylaert. With this bath there’s no need for candles or atmospheric lighting, just turn off the lights and switch on your bath!


Illuminate your bathroom!

2. The Wash-Cook Combo

Always wanted someone to chat to while in the bath? Problem solved. With this wash-cook combo bring the kitchen to the bathroom, or the bathroom to the kitchen and you’ll always have someone to chat to while washing your hair, or cooking dinner! You could even adapt this combination to suit your household needs, how about using the surface as an ironing board or even a coffee table!


Can you pass the soap?

3. The TV-Bath

This one is more a television than a bath. Relax while enjoying your favourite programs, and with a special waterproof screen it doesn’t matter if you get it wet!


Relax while watching your favourite show

4. The Fish Tank

How about swimming with the fishes? Well with this bath you can! Watch the fish while they watch you! This crazy bath will set you back a whopping $14, 500; a small price to pay for such a cool bath, don’t you think? Regular cleaning needed, unless you want to have a bath in a swamp!


The bath has a separate side panel to home the fish, so don’t worry they won’t get soap in their eyes!

5. The ‘Cob’ bathtub

Maybe not the most eco-friendly of baths due to the sheer amount of water it holds and the option of intentionally making it overflow to watch the water trickle onto the black pebbles. This model, named ‘The Cob’ is handcrafted from Corian and glass and wouldn’t look out of place in any home of the rich and famous.


Left the bath running? No problem...

6. The Boat Bath

The perfect bath for any sailor or boat fanatic – The Boat-Shaped Bathtub also called Vascabarca is designed by Antonio Lupi. Each one is carved from a single monolithic block of stone which can be engraved with your name on the stern, if you really feel the need to personalise your tub! The bathroom floor will need reinforcing before installing one of these and your neighbours will certainly wonder what you’re doing!


This boat definitely doesn’t float!

7. The Glam Bathtub

So much for less is more; the glam bathtub by THG is without a doubt the most over the top of the crazy baths. These tubs come with hydrotherapy systems, headrests and clear side lighting panels for ultimate indulgence. Perfect for 20m² studio apartments…if you don’t have enough space you could always sleep in it!


Your friends will come round, just to take a bath!

8. The bookcase bath

This bath is perfect for those who like reading while soaking if you can fathom out how to reach for your book while scrubbing your back. Also, you may need to laminate your books, just in case!


Just don't drop your book!

9. The design bathtub

For a mere $26,000 this artistic bath designed by the Japanese artist Tetsuya Nakamura will prove to be the centre piece for any contemporary bathroom. However, according to the accompanying disclaimer, Nakamura’s heavy emphasis on form and relative disregard for function means bathers should enter the tub at their own risk!


Can you work out how to get in?

10.The Shoe

Last but not least and definatly one for the girls…the high heel bath has to be any party girls’ fantasy. Probably not the most confortable to wear, but fantastic for a good soak. The heel is a massive 165cm tall and with a price tag of $17,000!


Are you dreaming of your high heeled bathtub yet?

So, come on, what do you think? Do you fancy seeing any of these bathtubs on your next stay at NH? Let us know which ones you prefer and why.

Photo Credits:

The LED Bath

The Fish Tank Bath

The Cob Bathtub

The Boat Bathtub

The Glam Bathtub

The Bookcase Bath

The Shoe

  • posted by Mark | 03 May 2010, 12:16,

    Those are some crazy baths. I think I like the LED one the best, the rest are too wacky/expensive/fashionable etc.

    The overflow one looks uncomfortable and I’d push out too much water when I got in anyway!

  • posted by Sabrina | 03 May 2010, 12:23,

    strangely enough, I’ve got an upcoming mini gig thing IN Bath, but that’s the place, not an actual bath!

    Some of them seemed funky, bit worried about the one that wastes water, but it’s too pricey anyway so I’m not tmepted! Hehe…

    Surely you mean bathroom floor reinforced? lol. I’m glad I had this to make me laugh, the one with the fish is my favourite!

    I was worried you guys had stopped doing the blog. This 1 is proof you need to keep doing it! Hehe. Bye NH, have a good day please!

  • posted by Ema | 04 May 2010, 13:53,

    These baths look rather splendid indeed- however I’m particularly amused by the wash/cook combo…

    I would love to see the design bath or the glam one at NH- It would be reet lush!

  • posted by Zoe | 04 May 2010, 17:37,

    Omg i want them all!!!!!!

  • posted by Paul | 04 May 2010, 17:39,

    Wow. These baths look excellent. I would love to have the fish one for my bathroom.


  • posted by Angela | 04 May 2010, 17:39,

    looooool the bath in the kitchen is soo funny not private at all!! ive not even read the rest yet lmao!

  • posted by collette | 04 May 2010, 17:42,

    i really want the tv bath id just stay in there all day until i got wrinkly looll
    yo should put these is you NH suites !

  • posted by tez | 04 May 2010, 17:44,

    The bookcase bd is impractical all your boks would get wet!!

  • posted by brooke | 05 May 2010, 10:11,

    i definately prefer the shoe bath!! these designs are great!

  • posted by Charlie | 24 January 2011, 4:59,

    Several very good tips. Thanks!

  • posted by cameron_211 | 02 February 2011, 2:16,

    This is a wonderful piece of writing I have to admit. It is well crafted and very beneficial, thank you!


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