Crazy Beds!

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Here at NH, we like to make sure that everyone has a peaceful night’s sleep, and we know that the best thing for this is a nice, comfortable bed! Whatever type of bed you have and whether it is single, double or king-size, there’s nothing better than snuggling up and slipping off into the land of Nod after a hard day’s work. So for a bit of fun, we decided to put together a list of crazy beds. See if you could get some shuteye in one of these!

1. The Single Bed

For a quiet nap, you could try out this slinky little bed, kindly photographed for us by Bedsh2 at Flickr. With its sleek and simple design, this would be perfect for a refreshing Spanish siesta!


2.The Bunk Bed

For those who to prefer not to sleep alone, take a look at this quirky little bunk by Gudiksen Design, a young Danish design company who specialise in 3D products.


3.The Double Bed

If minimalism is your thing, maybe this avant-garde double bed will do the trick. Just don´t forget to buy some warm bed covers!


4.The Pod

For a more futuristic vibe, check out this innovative design known as the Transport perceptual pod by Alberto Frias. With its unconventional cutting- edge design, it is fit for two people and includes a temperature controlled waterbed, LED lighting, sound system, iPod docking station and wireless remote control. We definitely think the transport perceptual pod will help you to “transport yourself” off into bliss.


5.The Carriage

This cool pumpkin-shaped, Cinderella-inspired bed is enough to make any daddy´s girl doze off and have sweet dreams.


6.The One Man Bed

Let´s face it: although it’s totally impractical, this bizarre design is the perfect way to train yourself to stay in one position through the night. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences!


7.The Hammock

This swinging hammock by LeBeanock is perfect to chill out in and swing off into a sweet slumber on those lazy days. It really is “the 21st century solution to stylish lounging”.


8. The Pet Bed

Because pets need their beauty sleep, too, this bed from is purr-fect for just that. Your pet can sleep in style with its reversible cushion, bone-shaped pillow and wheels. What more could your pet want?


9. The Bun

Great for combating midnight hunger!


And finally our favourite bed of all …

10. The Rollercoaster!


This bed by Los Carpinteros is by far the most thrilling night’s sleep you´ll ever get!

What do you think? Should NH put some of these into some of their resort hotels?

Photo Credits:

The Bunk bed by -Gudiksen Design

The Pod by Alberto Frias

Hammock bed by Lee Beancock –

The Pet bed –

La Montana Rusa by Los Carpinteros

  • posted by Angie Baby | 04 November 2009, 10:58,

    I want The Bun bed then i´d never go hungry at night!!! 🙂

  • posted by Lillian | 04 November 2009, 11:33,

    The Hammock will make me sleep thinking in the beach.

  • posted by Will | 04 November 2009, 12:26,

    Yeah, that Rollercoaster is done for party nights

  • posted by Alec | 04 November 2009, 18:11,

    I want the carriage bed! Although you’re more likely to find me in the one-man bed I’m afraid…
    And I’d just like to say thank you to NH Hotels for their highly informative video on avoiding the ‘flu. I now know how to sneeze correctly.

  • posted by Don Veracruz | 04 November 2009, 20:56,


  • posted by juan | 04 November 2009, 20:59,


  • posted by heloise | 04 November 2009, 21:03,

    article tres interessant. est ce qu on peut acheter le chien?

  • posted by Nardy | 04 November 2009, 21:30,

    I would like to sleep over the bun very much!! my bed with a lot of cheese and extra of pickles!! please!jajja this desings are really nice!! thanks Nh

  • posted by Karrise | 04 November 2009, 21:34,

    wow i want the rollercoaster bed its cool but i dont think it’d fit in my room 🙁 its wel good!

  • posted by Dee | 04 November 2009, 21:43,

    The Pod is the one for me, I love being in my own little world listening to my music. the Pod sounds relaxing and cosy.

  • posted by Lindsey | 04 November 2009, 21:48,

    wow !! These beds are crazy!!Whoever invented these have a good imagination! I personally like the Cinderella one, I want a new bed now!

  • posted by Tel | 04 November 2009, 23:38,

    Mmmmmmm Bun Bed does it come with chips!! Would be great fun in a childs room.

  • posted by Petteco | 05 November 2009, 12:14,

    I loved the double bed!

  • posted by Iván | 05 November 2009, 12:15,

    I prefer to sleep over the carriage and find my princess in my dreams, oohhh

  • posted by max | 05 November 2009, 19:48,

    Awesome collection!

  • posted by Michelle Miller | 05 November 2009, 22:55,

    The Pod bed looks great if i won the lottery that’s the one i’d buy good article.

  • posted by Luke Hepburn | 05 November 2009, 22:59,

    The one man bed would be annoying man what if you sleep the other way? kmt!

  • posted by Collette | 05 November 2009, 23:04,

    Wow i really like the rollercoaster bed but where could i put it .. and i think yes NH should put some of these into their hotels, in the presidential suite or something or the Penthouse suites etc!

  • posted by jermaine | 09 November 2009, 19:45,

    I kinda like the bunk bed you know it looks peaceful right there.. where you get these beds from they’re random ..

  • posted by Mish Mash | 20 November 2009, 13:44,

    Wickid blog cuz lol 🙂

  • posted by Vahsmehaf | 24 November 2009, 15:00,

    Fantastic, I did not know about that up to now. Thx!

  • posted by AKfour seven | 25 November 2009, 11:44,

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  • posted by Angela Inniss | 27 November 2009, 10:41,

    Thanks for all your comments i appreciate them 🙂 Angela

  • posted by LAURA | 03 December 2009, 18:21,

    aww the dog is cute

  • posted by Jen | 03 December 2009, 18:21,

    Yes i want the dog bed for my dog where is it from ?

  • posted by sylvia | 03 December 2009, 18:22,

    oo if i had that pod bed i wouldn´t get up! how do people think of these designs they´re great good job

  • posted by sylvia | 03 December 2009, 18:23,


  • posted by Davey | 07 December 2009, 13:58,

    Love this

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