Customer Service Gone Mad!

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We all know that NH loves to make you feel special during your stay; to deliver the highest standard customer service, spoil you and cater for your every need. So I’m sure you already know that at NH you can have breakfast in bed or even select the type of pillow you prefer!

But we want to continue to impress you so we are researching a range of new ‘alternative’ services to our hotels…

1. Rent a pet

We understand it can be particularly lonely when travelling alone. A table for one in the corner with only a newspaper for company sound all too familiar?

This one is for pet lovers who just cannot bear to be away from their furry friends for long periods of time. You will never be alone in your hotel room again – head down to reception and rent your very own pet for the evening!

You could even get the cat to do that report due in tomorrow!

You could even get the cat to do that report due in tomorrow!

2. The Storyteller

What could be more relaxing than reading a few chapters of a good book before bedtime? But when you’re feeling tired after a long day it’s hard to concentrate so ring reception and get your very own story teller sent up who will recite a tale from long, long ago…..

Don’t be alarmed! It’s only a bearded storyteller ´´Once upon a time…´´

Don’t be alarmed! It’s only a bearded storyteller ´´Once upon a time…´´

3.  Personal Sightseer

Don’t feel like queuing for hours in the blazing sun while waiting to climb a famous landmark that looks better in a postcard anyway? All this while street vendors try to sell you tacky souvenirs you really don’t need?!

Well, here’s the solution….

Get your photo taken, enlarge it into a life-size cardboard cut-out then one of our exceedingly helpful NH staff members will take it to all the main tourist attractions in the town to get you all the photos you need to keep your Granny happy.

This would look just perfect in front of the Eiffel Tower, don't you think?

This would look just perfect in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, don't you think?

4. Souvenir Shopper

Left the souvenir shopping to the last minute, can’t bring yourself to go hunting for the next addition to Aunt Margaret’s spoon collection? Before you check-out, make a list of all the people you need to buy a little something for and one of our NH staff will track down everything you need!

Present for Uncle Tom? TICK!

Present for Uncle Tom? TICK!

5. In room entertainment

If you don’t feel like getting dressed up and going out tonight then bring the entertainment to your hotel room. Whatever takes your fancy…a circus complete with acrobats and dancing elephants or a personal operatic production? If you don’t like those ideas then you could try inviting this lot to you room…


N.B These services are not available in any of our hotels….yet!

  • posted by Angela Inniss | 01 July 2010, 17:37,

    Yeah i like the one about the cardboard cut ot of yourself! I don’ thikn i could handle going to the eiffel tower again!! someone can go for me !!! pfffff

  • posted by Xavier | 01 July 2010, 17:53,

    Hahaha, brilliant, a stroke of genius!

    Cult blog action!

  • posted by Sophie | 01 July 2010, 18:14,

    Rent a pet is such a good idea, I always miss my cat when I’m away. The storyteller is a bad idea though, I would be quite scared if a bearded man came to read me a bedtime story, wouldn’t you? 🙂

  • posted by Sabrina | 02 July 2010, 8:41,

    Aww that cat us sooooooooooooooooo cute!

    I think the pet one would be really usefull for me, my mum’s allergic to cats and so that I can’t have one as a pet. 🙁

    I would just worry that I’d get too attached and want to keep it, erspecially that one on the pc 😀

    I’m going to stare lovingly at that cat until I have to turn my pc off. Then byebye cat 🙁

    Thanks NH!

  • posted by Rain | 02 August 2010, 10:10,

    Hi. I like travel in Asia but now i stay in Phuket in a guesthouse but i want to see some more place.
    And a pet is nice to have and travel whit.

  • posted by Joy | 09 November 2010, 19:44,

    I loved the pillows at NH Giustiniano in Rome – where can I get one of these??


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