Are you up for a Halloween scare?


Lisbon, dark night, only the rustling of leaves and a car in the distance by the roundabout Entrecampos breaks the silence in NH Campo Grande when the caretaker’s body is found at the entrance. This is the opening theme of “Who killed the janitor?”, the lastest challenge NH Campo Grande that has been launched for mystery and suspense lovers of mystery for those who once wanted to be “Sherlock Holmes” for a day.

If you are around Lisbon you have got the chance to enjoy this fresh, unique and mysterious performance from October 28th October 31st October at NH Campo Grande. The hotel will open its doors to all who wish to participate in this “Cluedo” taking place in different areas of our hotel. Participants will have to unravel the mysterious death of the caretaker Alejandro Arroyo by means of interviews and analyzing clues, wrapped in secrecy and intrigue. Ready?
We can’t wait to enjoy this performance which is so special for us: it is the first time that an spectacle of this nature will be performed in Portugal, not only for the use of a hotel as the venue for a theatrical performance, but also because of the dynamic nature of the action.
The Portuguese Anonymous Theatre group has created this play. They are very familiar with the concept of interactive theater and they are responsible for representations as “Stereotipo”, a tribute to silent films and “Gigantones”, a unique concept that combines multimedia art performance, or street theater, including “The beach at the Plaza” or “gang of ATM”, renowned for creating fun and interactive moments with the audience.
This is probably one of the most innovative Halloween celebration we have ever organised, would you like to join us? You will have lots of fun, audience is divided into five detective agencies, five or six members, who may participate individually or in groups. Then, you better use your detective skills if you want to find out “Who killed the janitor?”.


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