If it’s good enough for Brad Pitt…

…then it’s probably pretty good.

You may have noticed on our Twitter account that we found out Brad Pitt stayed at NH Palacio de Ferrera in Aviles last night. Here’s a link to a video interview with Brad in Aviles, who met with architect Oscar Niemeyer´s team.

Brad Pitt in Aviles

Brad Pitt in Aviles

Photo Credit: Centro Niemeyer/Reuters/Landov

  • posted by Collette Ward | 15 September 2009, 18:29,

    Omg i love Brad Pitt why wasn´t i there.. you need to give warning when celebrities come to town next time!


  • posted by black hattitude | 16 October 2009, 10:07,


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  • posted by Angela Inniss | 27 October 2009, 14:44,

    he is soo hot man

  • posted by assurance | 29 October 2009, 15:35,

    he’s so nice it’s true… i just love him 🙂

  • posted by TERRIE | 03 November 2009, 17:35,

    when was he in spain is he going to come back do you know ? whay was here there?

  • posted by competitive intelligence | 21 November 2009, 5:13,


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  • posted by Terrie | 07 December 2009, 14:19,

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  • posted by Brad Pitt fan | 31 July 2010, 13:02,

    Great video, thanks. Love him.

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