Jumping over the urban flow

By Sergio González | 10:15


A rush of adrenaline reminds us we are alive. A moment of genuine contact with the wildest side of ourselves. These are the basic strengths behind extreme sports, but also the fact that they are loads of fun is the secret that lays beyond the untamed surface.  

Australia and New Zealand go along very well with adventure sports -their unique rough landscape is the perfect environment. It’s not uncommon for many world champions of kitesurf or jet-ski to be from Oceania. Actually, they seem to enjoy the risky side of life.

When it comes to a leap of blind faith -or parachuting like the bolds call it- the sandy beaches and Great Reef Barrier of Australia have no opponent. The view from the air of such savage nature is chosen every year by thousands of rookie skydivers to -as they refer to it- lose their virginity.

If you are always trying a little harder or struggling for a bit more, from sunny Southern Spain comes the answer. Seville, famous for its unique architecture and folklore, offers the highest jump in Europe –15.ooo feet are waiting for you. Surely not for beginners.

For those who want to peek into extreme sport but are a little concerned, Flowboarding is the ultimate soft extreme sport. A layer of artifical waves is projected at 30 mph allowing the flowrider to board the water as if it were an ocean. Many of the advantages of surf or skateboarding -tons of amazing turns can be performed-  with no risk -the sweet waves won’t even come back. From a wave-builder company in California, flowboarding is quickly spreading all over the planet -above all in surfing spots and trendy beaches- as the perfect sport for summer-time.

Not considered a regular sport by many, paintball has began to be considered extreme. Truth is it fulfills the requirements -a certain level of danger, phisically demanding and a mind-blowing experience. Usually performed in the country-side –it has evolved to a non polluctant acivity– the trends are going urban, recreating best-selling videogames scenarios and gifting it to working-teams.

The goal is simple but captivating. You, along with your fellow partners, have to defend your flag while getting your opponent’s. To do so, you’d better shoot those paintballs from a protected position because if you get hit, you are out.

Practising action sports usually needs some equipment -parachutes, kayaks or motorcycles- and none of them are cheap. Renting is a common practise for casual users but if you want to save all your money –maybe to spend it buzzing– Parkour is the answer.

Parkour is about the free wise movement around obstacles. You will need nothing but focus on the environment, the movement of your body and a couple of knee pads while training. An 80’s creation from a French group called Yamakasi -you may remember Luc Besson’s film– this sport roots deep in our origins. Connected to marial arts and dance, it’s the modern ape adapting to the concrete jungle in a extremely addictive efficient manner.

Obviously France hosts many great spots for parkour, but Brazil and New Zealand are the new places to dance in the city. New York  is highlighted as an ideal parkour lab on the USA map, waiting for more to go extreme











Photo Credit: Robennals

Photo Credit: Geishaboy500

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    […] Cities haven’t stopped growing since 20th century and today are our main environment. As we grow surrounded by concrete and neon lights instead of farm-animals and clean riverbanks, we find our feet smashing the urban ground with our fashion pair of sneackers and parkouring walls. […]

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