Millennial Partners – How to suprise them!

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

They say that travels test your love life. You can make it or break it. Whether it’s your first trip together or not, travelling together lets you know tap into the other person’s needs and desires. It’s also a great opportunity to bring you closer through shared experiences. Surprise your partner with these ideas and travel tips, which require covert planning, but will seriously be worth your while.  Read on and turn your next vacation into a meaningful adventure.

  • Try Different Things. Whether it’s diving with whales, horseback riding along a beach, exploring a city on a bike or bungee jumping, everyone has a special something on their wish list they would like to experience. Once you have your travel plans ready, do your research to see what’s available and try making your partner’s dream come true.  Get the people at the hotel on your side and have them help you deliver the unexpected surprise.
  • Learn to Cherish the Differences. Travelling with your partner doesn’t imply spending each and every minute together. Plus, everyone has his or her own preferences. She might want to scuba dive in a coral reef but you’d rather catch up with your reading at the hotel pool.  He might want to learn how to play drums but you’d rather learn to cook pad thai. If this is the case, organize a class, tour or experience you can each enjoy on your own. Afterwards, you can share your day with a glass of wine or a nice dinner for two.
  • Spend time apart. Even if it’s for just a morning or an afternoon, spending time apart when travelling is a good idea. Take advantage when you’re alone to buy some flowers, fruit, or a small gift. You can also propose each of you take pictures of your solo tour and share them over lunch? You’ll both be surprised by what you can learn from each other’s experience.
  • Cooking Classes. The pleasure of eating different foods is part of the adventure of traveling and almost everywhere you go, there are a variety of cooking courses to choose from, where you can both learn how cook your favourite dishes. Whether it´s in Rome  or New York, do your research and find the one that will enhance your adventure together. 
  • Meeting new People. Eat With is a global community that lets you enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people’s homes. It’s also a great way to get an insider´s view of the country you are in and their local tips.  Book your experience and surprise your partner with an unforgettable evening. 
  • Team building. Make a point to learn how to work together and look out for one another by engaging in team building experiences. Whether its white water rafting, hiking or volunteering at an organic farm, adventures are made to discover each other’s strengths and rely on one another when challenges arise.  
  • A Moment for Romance. Plan a couples massage at the hotel or reserve the jacuzzi, make reservations for dinner, plan a surprise picnic or find out where the best place is to have a drink and enjoy the view.

What would you like to be surprised with on your next vacation together? Any ideas as to what you will plan for your special someone?

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