Solo travelling: is it for you?

By NH | 17:07

Have you ever thought of going it by yourself? We’re talking travel and, yes, we mean “alone”, with you as the only company. For some it is a frightening thought, others are convinced they’ll get bored, and some literally just don’t feel the calling. However, becoming a solo-traveller, at least once is a trend that is gaining popularity once again and is an enriching experience that must be tried. Why? Let us tell you…

Meet the world and new people

Of course, this is something that happens every time you travel, even when you have friends or family in town. But, when you are alone, there’s no doubt that the need to connect with others is emphasized. Conventionally, we’re scared to step out of our comfort zone and speak to someone, only to be ignored. But, take a breath and open that conversation and show your most real you. Before you know it, you’ll be sat with someone, and the relief and ease of doing it will give you the confidence to do it again and again. Get ready to live some of the most exciting experiences with fleeting faces that may become lifelong friend.


Full Freedom

The only one with whom you’ll have to negotiate on where you  go, what to do and when to do it is you. That’s it. You decide whatever it is you want to do and the moment to do it. There’s no-one else interceding. Who doesn’t like that? Another good thing about this is the fact that you’ll realise how many options you have and how many opportunities are out there waiting to be chosen by you. This simple yet strong skill can be applied to all areas of life, so knowing how to take decisions on your own is important! It’s all about learnings.


Become creative

There are going to be moments when you’re tired of ‘seeing’ and ‘visiting’ but then perhaps that you don’t want to waste your time doing nothing… It’s time to get creative; whether it’s through your camera lens, taking part in classes or even writing down your journey, we’re 100% sure that there’s a plethora of things you always want to try but never had time to do it! So, why not doing it when on your solo-trip? The only thing we should warn you of… is that you may be surprised with how creative you truly are 🙂


Learn how to improvise

It looks easy but sometimes it is not! And not everyone feels comfortable doing it. If you’re a decisive person, you’ll love it. But if you’re not, then this is the moment to start being decisive! It can be a real challenge, but it is also part of the charm of travelling by yourself. Change plans, choose new ones, don’t be afraid and enjoy being on your own! It’s the best you can do.


Get to know yourself and face fear

Travelling on your own will give you the opportunity to get to know yourself in a deeper way, as well as the time to do it. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why being a solo traveller will enrich you. Because of our busy day-to-day life, stress, social plans or family, it’s hard to relax and be on your own. And it’s not boring at all! Even if you feel like having someone at your side to share the experience to have fun or have a good time, you have to take advantage of it instead of being afraid of it. All these will help you face some of your fears you have. Not only the ones related to discovering new places, but also the ones related to discovering yourself. Relax, think, do the things you don’t usually have time to do and meet your other you, you’re going to love it!


So, how do you feel know about becoming a solo traveller? Did any of these reasons waken some kind of curiosity within you? Travelling, discovering new places, getting to know yourself, learning new things and living new experiences are always enriching things to do so… why not? Your good vibes and you are the best travelling partners!


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