Venice Carnival: luxury, masks and a great spectacle!

Have you ever been to Venice? If the answer is no, start packing your stuff because this is one of the best times of the year to visit the Italian city. Venetian Carnival is one of those events to which you must go at least once in life, and there is no other place where Carnival is so classy, spectacular and opulent as in the city of canals.

The Carnival of Venice is unique in the world and its tradition goes back to the eleventh century, although it was not declared public holiday until two centuries later. Venetian Carnival reached its greatest popularity in the eighteenth century when attending it was one of the most important celebrations in the world with lots of aristocrats who came from very different places and, very often, there were also Kings and Queens, Princes and Princess trying to scape from reality.

During the eighteenth century the Carnival lasted for six months, from the first Sunday in October until the beginning of Lent. All along this period, any Venetian dressed up with a sort of black coat called “tabarro” and with a white mask, the “bauta”, and everything was permitted, no social hierarchies respected so people could intrude into the aristocracy or mock the authorities. With the occupation of Venice by Napoleon’s army, Carnival was banned for fear that conspiracies were generated during those days.

Venice was transformed into a theatrical setting for authentic performances and theatre plays where dances, songs and love were the libertine protagonists. Over time, the simple black costume and white mask became authentic costumes, giving a chance to personal imagination and creativity. Dresses were often inspired by the characters of the Comedy Theatre, the most famous was the character called “Mattaccino”. With the beginning of the Industrial revolution, the carnival was losing its popularity until 1979 when a group of Venetians recovered the tradition.

If you want to experience how is to feel like an aristocrat you don’t need to dress up so don’t worry about customs. The vast majority of tourists don’t dress up or wear a mask. In case you feel inspired by the atmosphere you can always purchase a typical mask at the thousands of shops and street stalls around Venice.

This year, the carnival is being celebrated from 11th February the 11th until 21st February. Are you ready to go back in time?

Photo credits: 1) Giandomenico Ricci  2) Cuellar  3) .arzan

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