A guide to our hotels by our guests

By NH | 13:21

Our guests are the reason that NH Hotel Group is what it is. They are the ones who push to grow, challenging us to improve in every way, day by day. One of the ways in which they do this, believe it or not, is by posting pictures on Social Media. They share their experiences, show our brand and, in turn, influence others to delve into the world of NH. With this post, we’d like first to thank them all but also to guide you around our hotels through the eyes of our guests. After all, they, better than anyone, can truly tell you what and NH experience is really like.


NH Breakfast

This is probably what guests share the most! And we love it! We feel pleased that you like to delight in the different breakfast offers we’ve got throughout our broad portfolio of hotels. We think it is the perfect way to start the day full of energy and to take a momento to yourself. It doesn’t  matter whether it is breakfast buffet with amazing views…


or breakfast in bed! One of the little pleasures we all like to have from time to time!


A room with a view

Who doesn’t like waking up to inspiring views? Feeling like you are in the right place, at the right moment, with the best scenery laid our before you to enjoy from the coziest of rooms. Please, enjoy!



Having great views has a lot to do with being in a great location, and our guests know that well and clearly appreciate it. It is important when travelling to be well located, right in the heart of your destination or in that special, secret spot. Can you imagine waking up in front of this paradise?


And what about being right next to incredible feats of architecture and monuments in the historic center of the city?


Decoration and atmospheres

Carefully designed to give each hotel the personality it deserves, our interiors create different atmospheres that enchant our guests. From elegant spaces to modern and chic ones: they become an important part of our inviting standards.


Look at the magnific piano with the original lamp on top and the red stairs around, such a perfect combination!



Having the perfect rest is a must, especially when going to a hotel. We offer our guests the best options when sleeping in our rooms, and because they’re happy, we’re happy! Some even make them their office for the day…



Apart from people staying in our hotel rooms, we also offer some magic spaces for everyone to enjoy a coffee or a drink or even attending a fancy event: these are our terraces. Rooftops, courtyards… it doesn’t matter what the concept is but being captivating places is a must for us (and our attendees).



Who doesn’t like to discover flavours from around the world? We work hard on creating high quality restaurants with local food, inspired by local concepts and crammed with delicious dishes to give you a memorable gastronomic experience. We are proud to work with Michelin Star chefs at some of our restaurants, one of the many ways we show that we care about the service we offer.


Look at this creation, doesn’t it look amazingly tasty?



Making you feel at home while in our hotels is another must if we want to guarantee comfort and special feelings. That’s why amenities are a relevant ingredient in our hotel experience recipe.


NH Rewards

The same thing can be said for our NH Rewards programme: the best way to have the perfect stay with us. Benefits, special discounts and services… You’ll feel more than welcome!


Hotel facilities

Last but definitely not least, our hotel facilities are loved by everyone who stays with us because they these space add that extra something (extremely) special to their stay with us. Gym, spa, pool… what else could you ask for?


It is not us saying it… but our guests! Let’s see what you have to say when you come to stay!




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