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By Sergio González | 10:30


Eating is primary and needed every single day of our lives and, reaching this point in the 21th century, so are smartphones. Not a single moment in our day-to-day lives goes by without us taking a quick glance at the little screen in our hand. Whether we are working or just checking our mates’ latest updates on any of the social networks. Among its wide range of uses, apps have proven themselves extremely useful and definitely are here to stay, just like our new 2.0.4 version app. Join us in a review of the most scrumptious ones!!

 One of our favourite food apps is Urbanspoon, not only because it was one of the first to come to light  in our displays but also because its funny slot machine-style functionality will amuse you while searching  for a place to have a bite.  This app  satisfies our hunger levels on three simple principles: average price, type of cuisine and neighborhood, shown as if they were sevens and little bells on an old -fashioned one-armed bandit. To get it to work you just have to shake your phone. If you are bold and have a soft spot for spontaneity you can allow the three spaces to run smoothly to get a random restaurant, or you can lock any one of them for a more specific accurate search. Can’t find anything  to your liking, try Yelp for more nearby businesses and regular customer reviews.

If a night out plan with a large number of fellows arises last minute, don’t panic about finding a restaurant that will fit all of you; Opentable will lead your way. Connected in real-time with thousands of restaurants in America, Europe and some Asian spots, it will tell you where a free table meeting  your needs can be found and also will let you make the reservation.



While the old saying asking you to eat an apple a day might be in the spotlight these days due to chemical abuse, a small glass of wine a day – just one, we highly recommend moderate drinking- may actually keep the doctor away, according to Health Magazine and several expert’s opinions. Nevertheless, the wine world is so huge that unless you’re an enologist, getting lost is almost a sure fate. Whether you are an aficionado aiming not to be or you are trying to impress a date or fete your friends, here are a couple of wine apps to guide you trough. Wine Picks and Pairing, by Natalie Maclean, famous Ottawan sommelier and best-selling author – recently awarded as World’s Best Wine Writer- is a must have app . Type the wine name or scan the bottle that’s troubling you to get every little piece of information you need: cellar and vintage, wine list, scores and tasting notes to make you sound like a pro. But the best side of this app is pairing, always a hard task to master: thousands of these type of suggestions are recorded and updated along with recipes by Natalie herself to help you taste, enjoy and treasure wine for what it’s worth.

With more than a millon of entries, reviews of almost any bottle produced in the world can be found on app. It allows you to keep record of the wines you have consumed, so you won’t forget about that one you fell for last night, manage your cellar in partnership with CellarTracker, alongside a complete wine encyclopedia to help you understand the related vocabulary and terms. One of its best features is its focus on money saving; while walking around your favourite market cellar or sitting at a restaurant, this app will offer you the average price of any bottle, no matter how exotic, so you’ll know if you are paying for a fair price or are about to be cheated.

Any experience with food or wine apps you’d like to share with us? Come drop a line!

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Photo Credit: Chance Agrella

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    Great Blog on food and wine…Lovely.

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    Thanks Sussan! We’re glad you enjoyed it! Vist our blog daily for more interesting posts! 🙂


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