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By Sergio González | 10:15

Summer is finally here with its warming welcome once again. Many people love spending their well earned leisure days lying by the beach and caring only for sea-swimming and sunbathing, but others like taking advantage of their free time to practice exciting sports or to improve their skills. If you are one of those active ones, you’ll surely enjoy this proposal. What about learning how to make the lovely dishes you taste every year while on holidays and get to know local producers in nearby traditional markets? Also, imagine if those lessons were taught by master chefs! We have selected some spots around the world which will offer you both, a lively summer environment, something cool to do and also something you can bring back home with you to impress your guests.

We all know that when it comes to food and wine, Italy has a lot to see and taste. By the Amalfi coast, South of Naples, we find a very special cooking class hosted by Chef Vincenzino -well known by every gourmet in the area and voted as one of the most interesting things to do in Ravello. Early in the morning, you will be led by Vincenzino himself to the local markets and closed fish sales to learn how to buy the freshest groceries and sea food. After a satisfying shopping experience this restaurant owner will guide you through the secrets of Mediterranean gastronomy, unveiling the most coveted Italian recipes and perhaps even that salsa that always seems too hard to master. If you get anxious as the appealing smell of what you’re cooking flies right to your nose, don’t worry a bit because the lesson ends at 2:00 pm with having a wonderful meal over the Mediterranean.

Have you ever wondered why French cuisine is so fine and stylish? Why so many of the most awarded chefs – and awards themselves- are French? France’s turmoiled history -among a strong tradition and exquisite food products- has the answer. As the shout  Vive la Révolution was gaining ground and overthrowing the Ancien Régime all over the country by late 18th century, the cooks that used to work for the deposed nobility had to look for a new job – and by opening their own establishments they allowed their gastronomy to conquer us worldwide. Château Loudenne, a 18th century pink castle gracefully placed by Bordeaux estuary, offers during the summer a historical revival of this pre-revolution gastronomy. Learn how to cook steamed mussels and escargots while enjoying the art de vivre, a special tour over the vineyards hosted by the owners, or fishing in the nearby River Garonne what you’ll eat later in the evening.

Are you into healthy macrobiotic food? Seasonal eating? From far China, The Wellness Works offers during August and September some courses on how to eat avoiding highly processed food and far fuelled vegetables. Hosted by chefs Mary Ho and Debbie Lee, don’t miss it if you want to deliciously balance your inner yin and yang.

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