NH Hotel Group top 5 guest experiences

By NH | 15:44

We really do have the most wonderful guests and we love it when they share their experiences with us. Thanks to the wonders of social media, we are able to take a peek at their time in our hotels, regardless of where they are in the world. Whether it’s a refreshing moment by the pool in Nice, the breathtaking views of Florence, a delicious breakfast you want to relish forever or simply a well deserved room service experience, we love to see what caught your eye when traveling with us. So much so that we decided to take a look back to all of your photos and find out what you loved the most. Here is the top 5:

Nothing beats our breakfast


You know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, we have thousands of pictures of our delicious breakfast that speak for themselves. Without a doubt, these are one of the most celebrated parts of the NH Hotel Group experience and we couldn’t be prouder. There is no better feeling than waking up to the promise of a buffet filled with delicious options to cater your every need. We strive to provide alternatives that meet different food intolerances and/or preferences, always using fresh and high-quality products. Even the little ones have a special corner where our young ambassadors, Nico & Hanna, greet them with appealing and fun breakfast. What better way to start the day?

Dive into our swimming pools


One of the front runners on this list. From those found indoors to those with the big blue above them, and used to enjoy a hot summer day or to relax after a day of work… our pools are well-loved by all of you. As a result, we have manage to collect a great selection of beautiful photos of refreshing moments.


We’ve seen that some of you take things to a whole new level and enjoy a expertly poured cocktail poolside. Now that’s the kind of combination we like to see. Make ours a mojito, too!

Tempting terraces and rooftops


Another celebrated part of our hotels are our terraces and rooftops. They are the perfect place to discover the city from above admire the sights and, of course, are perfect to capture outstanding photos. Whether it’s a quite snap or an influencer moment, you’ll find some of the best views with NH Hotels. A must-do… be sure to time it right for sunset. Incredible!

Amenities that always please


It is always a pleasure to make you feel like home, and this includes providing everything you need to have an enjoyable stay. That is where our Brilliant Basics, the great amenities supplied, come into play. From slippers, to robes, specially selected toiletries and more, these items are conceived to cover all your needs and truly create a fully-equipped urban basecamp of your room. And if our Brilliant Basics aren’t enough, then our cozy beds will definitely do the trick and will give you the the best rest.

Dialling in room service


Last but not least, next on the list is our room service. The perfect solution for a lazy morning, a private dinner, and every hungry moment in between. This option gives you the opportunity to taste our culinary offer from the comfort of your room, or even to open a bottle of bubbly to share a special moment. All of this and more is just a phone call away!

As you can see, we have a great collection of moments that you share over the years and we take joy in seeing the most beloved parts of the NH Experience through your eyes. So, whenever you stay with us again, don’t forget to show and tag us!