The White Room, the ultimate culinary experience by Jacob Jan Boerma

By NH | 11:17

The sophisticated and modern cuisine that combines a plethora of intriguing and exciting flavours: sweet and sour, bitter and fresh, local and international, refined but accessible. We are excited to introduce you to our latest culinary experience: The White Room restaurant in Amsterdam from the masterful 3* Michelin chef Jacob Jan Boerma.

Located at our 5-star NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolskyon Amsterdam’s main square with views across to the Royal Palace – and opened since April 30th, The White Room restaurant showcases an extraordinary avant-garde cuisine offering everybody a delightful experience. 

“Mother Nature reigns, I try to follow her, she dictates the quality, I add the flavour. As a chef I add my personal touch with a predilection for fresh tones, acids and spices. They will always be present in my dishes, recognizable or unrecognizable”, says Jacob Jan Boerma, the genius behind The White Room.

Under his signature, every dish become a blank canvas to be painted with the highest quality ingredients. Using the best Netherlands has to offer, Jan Boerma fuses influences from all over the world to create a pure, honest and pristine menu.

The restaurant also boasts an interesting history; Its title is derived from the historical name of the room ‘De Witte Zaal’, which was given to the restaurant when it first opened in 1885. The room is listed as a monument and is considered to be the oldest restaurant of Amsterdam in original condition.

At The White Room, history and future are seamlessly connected with one another, an experience that can’t be missed. Book a table at The White Room now, and discover the incredible cuisine of Jacob Jan Boerma!

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