Fit for the festivities with NH Hotels

By NH | 11:48

As the song goes ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. The Halloween decorations went up and down quicker than you can say ‘Happy Holidays’ and the recognisable signs that Christmas is being ushered in are stacking up. Still, there is more than a month left to plan how your time will be spent, and when that time comes we all know what that means; giving presents to family, friends and loved ones, catching up with people over a drink or two and, of course, indulging in a little bit too much good food. And where better to enjoy this good food then on a Winter getaway in a different city or, even more magical, in a different country. But for some, overindulgence doesn’t mean ditching the healthy routine, which is why NH Hotels is your perfect Christmas companion.

When you stay with us you don’t have to worry about eating that little bit more or enjoying that extra glass of bubbly with that extra slice of the cake. Why? Because our hotels have you in mind this Christmas and New Year and our gyms are on hand to help you work up a festive sweat.

They are packed with excellent fitness equipment by Technogym, from the latest cardio machines, multi-stations, free weights and adjustable benches, and wellness balls. Of course, not all hotels have the same list of equipment, but that certainly doesn’t mean that those who are craving a workout won’t be satisfied.

In addition, to the presence of Technogym, you’ll be pleased to find free areas in the gym where bodyweight workouts can be performed (even tougher after the extra Christmas calories),or even if it’s just for yoga or even post-routine stretching. We want to make sure you can follow your fitness plan with no obstacles in the way! We don’t stop there either, we take fitness seriously hence we offer all of you who dare complimentary workout essentials.

It’s not just the equipment that will motivate you, it’s the inviting environment you’ll step into that entices guests to come and train. Ambient music sets the mood, and a Philips TV is on hold for those wanting to distract the mind whilst the body does the work. In addition, our gym areas have minibars filled with isotonic drinks and water to keep you hydrated and refreshed, as well as newspapers for the more leisurely health fanatics. Forgot your towel? No stress, you’ll find complementary ones at your disposal in all of our gyms, so even if the aircon doesn’t help fight the sweat back, you can keep your brow as dry as possible.

Lastly, we are here to fit into the tightest of schedules, so that you don’t have to worry about rushing your routine. We offer flexible gym hours, which means if you’re in your hotel room and suddenly struck with a pang of gym guilt, throw on your sweats and go satisfy that itch. Of course, perhaps eating isn’t the only thing on your Winter getaway menu and you have list of sightseeing plans. We’re proud that our hotels are in the most convenient locations making it easier for our guests to immerse themselves the culture and still have time to exercise The location of our hotels allows you to travel all around the city with ease as they are found next to key attractions or the best transport connections. Just image, from gym to the Colosseum in no time.  

However, though we are talking about keeping overindulgence at bay, it’s essential that after a gym session, you’ll need to replenish your energy supply. Which is why our breakfast buffet is exactly what you need. We understand the importance of the healthy options, so a variety of fresh fruits, eggs as you want, just baked specialist breads, juices and more will be found, all the post workout essentials you could need.

See, there is no need to postpone your fitness habits when your festive mood is fully activated and we’re on hand to give you the best experience possible.

Even if you are on vacation, exercising even just for 30 minutes has great benefits, it improves your mood and relieves stress, keeps your heart healthy and improves that all important quality of sleep. At NH Hotels the care for our guests goes beyond the stay and so we offer facilities for those who wish to stay on top of their fitness routine… or simply for those who ate one too many treats during the festive season.  

Happy holidays! Find out more about our facilities here