Green with NH Hotel Group

By NH | 19:24

If you worry about the environment, we are here to let you know that you are not alone! Aiming to take care of Mother Nature as much as possible is one of our top prioritise; it is a a way of living and a philosophy that we share it. We’re sure you’d agree that it’s quite hard to maintain this lifestyle when on the move, right? Well, just you relax. At NH we’ve got you covered!

Over the years we have been incorporating all manner of sustainable systems and policies to drive us to being one of the most environmentally conscious hotel chains in the world. As a result, our hotel facilities have been designed and structured with state-of-the-art technologies that help us and our guests reduce the impact the modern world leaves behind, and, in some cases, we even give back.

So, if you are wondering how we have accomplished that, the answer lies within our 6 main initiatives:

Minimizing water consumption

It is a known fact that water usage from humans and corporations is one of the main strains on the environment, so naturally it has been a pivotal issue we wanted to tackle. To avoid expending more H2O than necessary, we have installed operating systems in our swimming pools, taps, and showers that allow us to save water. At the same time, our irrigation systems allow us to treat and reuse water for other purposes, like gardening. That way we are able to care for our beloved greenery without the need of an extra source of water.

Reduction in energy consumption and use of renewable alternatives

The world of late has taken strides to engineer ever more efficient process to generate energy and by no means have we fallen behind! We’re proud to use highly efficient conditioning systems, that allow our clients to adjust room temperatures as they please without worrying about their power consumption, improved our windows with high-protection sunscreen and heat filters, replaced old-fashion bulbs for LED ones, and installed movement detectors for lighting… All these initiatives add to the energy generated by certified renewable sources that power our hotels in Europe. This means that a great part of the energy used comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat, which are all naturally replenished resources.

Ultimately, we decided to go a step further and incorporate #EarthHour into our activity calendar, during which our outdoor lights and the lights of some of the main communal spaces are switched off for 60 minutes. On this international day, many of our hotels join the global movement created by WWF, and organize many other initiatives in response climate change. For example, as a guest you could be invited to join to Candle Light events such as jazz concerts or dinner with low energy demand menus.

Waste Reduction

While this might be an unpleasant subject to picture, it is an extremely important one to consider when aiming to achieve our sustainable goals. In our case, we have a strong focus on improving the separation of the main types of waste, for example used oil. By recycling it, we are able to use it for biofuels and avoid harmful oily layers in water disposals. Another example of this our initiative Cork2Cork, which centers on cork bottle stoppers, which are recycled throughout different establishments and later reused for construction and refurbishable materials.

Biodiversity Protection

We aim to take care of all living beings, not just humans. In order to do so, we have taken on several initiatives, including locally targeted projects. Proof of these are our urban garden in hotels throughout Europe and America. These gardens allow staff to cultivate their own products but also care for beehives and beekeeping activities, particularly in Europe, where bees face a critical condition, which is crucial concern for us. Some hotels that house bees in a safe manner for them and our customers are the NH Berlin Alexanderplatz in Germany, NH Vienna City in Austria and NH Collection Barbizon Palace in The Netherlands.

Other initiatives using eco-friendly towels, free of harmful substances, and to integrate pieces of furniture and paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In other words, we use sustainably-produced items to decorate many aspects of our interiors.

What is more, that our meeting areas are designed based on sustainability criteria: maximizing natural light, reducing use of paper, promoting new technologies, and guaranteeing the usage of products which have a low impact also, which leads us on to our next topic…

Carbon footprints

This is the main indicator for environmental impact, it refers to the amount of carbon dioxide or equivalents released into the atmosphere, due to any activity of a person or industry.To further minimize our carbon footprint and that of our guests, we increase energy efficiency by keeping the right ranges of temperature, avoiding unnecessary use of equipments and fuling our systems with renewable sources. We also offer electric bicycles, in which you can travel around the city in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as the opportunity to offset carbon emissions through carbon neutral events and meetings.

By now, you know a whole bunch about how we care for Mother Nature, but it is not all. If you are interested in continue to read about our initiatives, do not hesitate to visit our website and discover our selection of  ecological and sustainable hotels.We promise your most eco-friendly side will rest easy in our beds!