The ecological guests in hotels: a new customer profile

By NH | 14:07

The ecological hotels

They are very well informed about the latest technologies for reducing the environmental impact of hotel operations. They ask about the ecological commitment of companies, energy consumption and waste policy. The environmental impact is becoming a reason for choosing a hotel among those conscious clients with a high sense with the environment.

This type of guests generally come from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and they care about the compliance of the hotel operator with energy policies and sensitive environmental waste management. In this sense, more customers from other parts of the world are becoming aware of this fact.

Accordingly, hotels are starting to pay more attention to their environmental policy. The first reason laid on economical reasons: the energy costs are a major expense.

The entrepreneurs complain about the high growth in electricity consumption during  recent years. Lighting, air conditioning and providing hot water are huge expenses that hotels try to reduce in order to be more competitive.

However, hotels have also begun to take measures for responsible consumption because of the requirement of the clients. LED bulbs and low-power devices are becoming a common practice.  The presence of detectors (comprising a lighting system  that is activated by the passage or movement of persons) or isolating materials for saving energy are also some of the most utilized measures.

Moreover, guests have started to distinguish between different energy certificates such as the Green Light and Green building, European certifications for establishments that use efficient lighting and building measures respectively.

NH Hotels also have been highlighting their environmental achievements in recent years. Energy consumption has been reduced 25% in five years, water consumption by 31% and waste generation by 34% as a result of the sustainable objectives included in the corporation plans.


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