Family Trips: Travel in Style with your little ones!

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

The 15th of May is the International Family Day and with that in mind, we´ve put together 3 great plans for an unforgettable family trip so you can enjoy this time together and still travel in style thanks to these tips.

It used to be quite difficult to find a family destination that would cater everyone´s needs and tastes in food, fun and style. But nowadays there are so many options available that it´ll be a task just to choose which one suits you best. From the incredible outdoors to kid-friendly cities and of course, theme parks, which are still considered a favourite amongst the little ones. Here is a selection that includes 1 city, 1 theme park and 1 natural wonder.  3 destinations that will make kids and adults truly happy.

Kid-friendly city: New York

People often tend to think that New York can be an overwhelming city to visit with children but this couldn’t be farther removed from the truth.  Museums, parks, adventure playgrounds and a myriad of good food.

The MoMA  makes modern art accessible to children as young as 4 years old with age-appropriate guided tours and an art laboratory where the little ones can enjoy hands-on activities.

Spend the night at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum with Operation Slumber. Scheduled to re-open in July, the Space Shuttle Pavilion is a favourite amongst children. They´ll also be able to see the Enterprise, NASA’s first space shuttle.

Another excellent idea is take your children to the Children´s Museum of the Arts, where they´ll be inspired to do their own artwork after seeing what is on display (all artwork has been made by children). There are plenty of spaces available where they can create, play and even enjoy the guided tours for children.

While spending an afternoon in Central Park make sure to walk to the Alice in Wonderland statue and move on towards Union Square to eat. Considered a mecca for foodies, there are plenty of kid-friendly stalls and eateries.

The list is endless: Coney Island, The Adventure Playground, the incredible American Museum of Natural History, Teardrop Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and open air sculptures kids will be pleased to discover such as the Cyclone Twist, Balloon Flower.

Make sure you check all the free activities going on throughout Spring and Summer. Remember, New York City offers kid and family train and travel passes. Stay at the NH Jolly Madison Tower Hotel, an unbeatable place that is walking distance from major New York attractions. 


Theme Park: Animal Kingdom

Enjoy the thrill of an African Safari at Disney´s Animal Kingdom, a 33-acre property with savannahs and 200 animals that represent more than 100 different species. The good thing is that you´ll be able to stay at the Lodge so you can continue to enjoy the views from your very own room. Pools, Simba´s Clubhouse, Disney movies, special animal programs and one of the largest collections in African art in the United Stated. This is a destination where you won´t be needing the car .

Natural Wonder: Costa Rica

If you are leaning towards being in nature with your family, Costa Rica is by far one of the best options available. Locals cherish children and parking is reserved for their families. Visit the water park at Las Musas in San Ramon, which features 2 amazing pools, a 300-foot waterfall and a restaurant with kid-friendly meals. Another great excursion is the Sloth Sanctuary or the Jaguar rescue centre. If your children are a bit older, Costa Rica´s rainforest comes complete with tree climbing activities, white water rafting with waterfalls included as well as resorts with comfy hammocks to rest up and read.


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