Singles Welcome: Europe’s Most Unforgettable & Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, a time of celebration where couples around the world look for the most romantic destinations to visit with their loved ones.

But what if you’re single during Valentine’s Day? Does that mean it’s going to be a sad day for you?

No way people! Whether you’re travelling solo or with that special someone, you deserve to celebrate it with a trip to a unique destination that leaves everlasting memories. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few ideas. Here are Europe’s top spots to visit for Valentine’s Day, single or not!


One of the most romantic cities in Europe is Rome, laden with centuries worth of history, ancient ruins, historical sights, and magical neighbourhoods. As a solo traveller, you won’t be bored spending Valentine’s Day in this culturally-rich city, it is so diverse that it will make your head spin! Here are the highlights not to miss when visiting ancient Rome:

Trajan Market
Less crowded than The Colosseum but just as equally mesmerising, the Trajan Market offers an amazing insight into Roman life. The best of it, though? The incredible views offered over Trajan’s Forum.

The Colosseum
What’s a visit to Rome without a proper immersion into The Colosseum? An incredible place to be in, and so much to see! Make it even more special joining a night tour.

The Pantheon
They say all roads lead to Rome, but no, they all lead to the Pantheon! At its heart, this remarkable building surprises visitors with its famous domed ceiling, still the world’s largest unreinforced dome even after almost 2,000 years. Curious fact: the painter Raphael was buried here!

The colourful Campo de’ Fiori Market
A beautiful, bustling market where you’ll get the chance to taste local products. After walking around a bit, sit at one of the lovely restaurants nearby and enjoy a true Italian coffee.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
The world’s largest Catholic Church (St. Peter’s Basilica) and possibly the most important collection of artistic masterpieces are located here. Expect the amazing… Just wow!

The Castle Sant’ Angelo
This castle, where several Popes once lived, is worth to visit not only for its historical and cultural value but for the amazing views from the top. Make the experience even more magical by visiting at dusk and see the city don a whole new set of colours.

For a little bit of extra TLC (Tummy Loving Care), you must try the excellent tiramisu at restaurant That’s Amore, a lovely little treasure in Via Arcione. Here, the typical Italian decor and the ambience is as addictive as the tiramisu. This truly is the perfect Rome experience! Just make sure to book ahead as it gets pretty busy.

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If Rome is considered the romantic city to spend Valentine’s day, Venice simply sweeps you away; opera, gondola rides, baroque buildings… It is the perfect place for everyone and anyone that wants to enjoy this amorous celebration in a privileged setting. Couples aside, Venice is ideal if you’re celebrating your singleton status, because who is to say that romance is something shared exclusively with another person? When in a city like this, as a couple or enjoying L’ Amore on your own, it’s impossible to feel alone. Here are the main spots you need to unmask:

St Marks Square
Simply stunning. This beautiful square and the area around it are an absolute must while you visit the historical centre of Venice. If you have the chance, visit it during the evening and soak up the atmosphere to the sound of wonderful music. Perfect for solo travellers looking to lose themselves in the moment.

The Campanile di San Marco
The superb vistas you’ll get at the top of this historical bell tower are well worth the waiting line. If you aim to photograph the perfect view of Venice, here you’ll have the perfect opportunity. From here, you’ll see beyond the floating island out to the blues that surround it.

Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute
Located on the opposite side of the Gran Canal, this towering baroque basilica stands out for being different than any others in Venice. It’s an architectural masterpiece, a crown-jewel that dates back to the 17th century.

Ponte di Rialto
You’ll have to get the timing right, but this classic photo location is often teeming with people after the same thing, the perfect picture with the canals and moored gondolas in the background. Do things differently and take the opportunity to find a location from which you can view the bridge and the waters that pass under it without the commotion. Well worth it.

And finally, one of the most romantic settings in Venice we can think of for Valentine’s Day: a waterside lunch at La Palanca, a delightful restaurant on the Giudecca waterfront. Here you’ll be able to escape the crowds and enjoy fine bass ravioli with the stunning view of Venice as a backdrop.

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Amalfi Coast

Hidden beaches, dreamy landscapes and enchanting beauty. Anyone who fancies a romantic escapade for Valentine’s day should consider the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Amalfi as an option. Famous since Greek times, the Amalfi Coast is full of secrets for you to explore, from the charming island of Capri to the pastel-colored Positano.

One of the most beautiful places one can visit, heaven on Earth! Catch a two-hour boat ride across the Gulf of Salerno and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the island, and wander through its cobblestone streets, dine in a typical trattoria or take the “funiculare” up to this peak for unforgettable views.

This enchanted city sitting on the gulf of Naples is known, among other things, for its beautiful bays, turquoise waters and, of course, the Treccia Sorrentina, a plaited mozzarella that has to be tasted.

Cut into a steep hillside, expect lots of steps, Praiano is one of Amalfi’s quieter villages and the best place to experience the area’s spectacular scenery. From here, you’ll have stunning views of Positano!

Positano is a small village famous for its colourful buildings, its tiny roads and for being one of Italy’s most romantic hideaways, perfect for Valentine’s Day! Our recommendation: walk up the 1750 steps from Positano to Nocelle, the views won’t disappoint. This drooled-after-gorgeous area is also perfect for singles who want to celebrate this day just as couples do.

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The bicycle capital is another perfect city to visit this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re coupled up or not. With its mix of cultures and laid back attitude, you’ll find yourself in good company in no time. Just make sure you check Amsterdam’s agenda as there will be lots of things happening in February!

Canal Belt
There’s nothing more satisfying than walking along Amsterdam’s canals at dusk, admiring the beautiful canal houses, the quaint lighting, picture perfect cafes and, of course, crossing its charming bridges.

Amsterdam Concertgebouw
To those interested in classical dance, we recommend a visit to the charming Concertgebouw and watch the wonderful ballet performance of Mata Hari, by the Dutch National Ballet. The scenarios, the light effects and the dancers will leave you feeling euphoric!

There’s something for everyone, from modern art to collections that travel through the city’s expansive history, and many of the city’s Canal Houses have been converted into museums that are host to a wealth of Amsterdam history. So for those of you keen to walk the canals, who knows what history lessons you’ll stumble upon.

For a special and relaxing moment on Valentine’s Day, Amsterdam has plenty of cosy restaurants for all tastes and budget expectations. We recommend the simply perfect De Kas, top notch food!

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Another stunning European city to spend Valentine’s Day in is Berlin. You might not think of it as a romantic place at first, but that’s until you discover its beautiful and fairytale-like parks, its great cultural offer, and unique restaurants, perfect to set the mood during this special day. Plus, those in the know will be aware that this is one of the best places to meet unique and unforgettable people.

Tierpark and Charlottenburg Palace
Among Berlin’s 2.500 parks, these are our two favourites. The Tierpark is an incredible green space with excellent cycling paths that guide you away from the city’s concrete jungle. If you’ve ever wanted to have a perfect romantic picnic as a couple, make sure you bring a comfy blanket and a good bottle of wine!

Nocti Vagus
Some say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! There are plenty of options in Berlin to satisfy the most demanding gastro lovers but if would have to pick one restaurant in the city, that would be Nocti Vagus. Why? Because it offers a very unique experience that it is worth trying whether you’re spending Valentine’s with that special someone, friends or alone celebrating singleton… Dinner in the Dark! If you’re looking for something different, this is it.

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