Summer Buzz: Lake Como

By Courtney Imel | 11:01

The summer season officially kicked off June 20th this year, a date that usually begins to make most people stir crazy about planning their well deserved and long overdue summer holidays. The options for your next type of holiday are endless, whether you prefer the beach, large cities or perhaps even a road trip through a foreign country. Daydreaming about your next trip can be very exciting and may also give you something positive to look forward to in your day to day life. However, at times when it comes to actually planning a vacation, the many options out there may seem somewhat overwhelming. We’ve all heard the famous catchphrase “Summertime and the living is easy” and some of us might even remember the song, that’s the very idea behind this laid back and relaxing season that we look forward every year. If you are still procrastinating about planning your holidays, don’t fret! We want to broaden your summer and make choosing a destination effortless, easy and unforgettable with our Summer Buzz offers and promotions on destinations throughout Europe starting from just 45 Euros a night.

If you are looking for a different type of destination that you will never forget you may want to consider Lake Como in Italy. Just a half an hour drive from Milan, you can escape the big city rustle and bustle and get swept away by a jewel-like oasis of tranquillity right in the heart of the Lake District of Lombardy. Since the Roman times Lake Como has been a popular destination among aristocrats and even to this day many celebrities have considered it a second home by purchasing lakeside villas, which eventually in modern times has put it on the map as a must see dream location for any jet-setter.

Lake Como is one of the largest lakes in Italy and is also claimed to have some of the most lush and beautiful scenery found in the world. From the panoramic views of the Grigna Mountains as a backdrop to the pristine and vibrant blue crystal clear waters of the lake itself to the lush green vegetation found around every corner, you won’t have to question whether or not you have actually found paradise.

NH Pontevecchio, Lecco - Lake Como (Italy)

Situated right on the shores of Lake Como you will find the architectually striking NH Pontevecchio hotel. Located right in the heart of Lecco and just minutes from the historic center of town, numerous cultural attractions, restaurants, high-end boutiques, and pedestrian areas, it’s a given that you will immediately fall in love with this charming and quaint city. It is said that Lecco’s beauty was an inspiration for the Italian author Alessandro Manzoni and for that reason he set his famous novel, “The Betrothed,” in the town. Want to see it for yourself? Summer lasts a long three months but the clock is ticking to begin planning your next big adventure! Get buzzing and and wake up to the limited time Summer Buzz offers on destinations just like this one!

Photo Credit: Martina Celuzza 






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