The Sagrada Familia opens its door to Heaven

By NH | 13:18

The Sagrada FamiliaLa Sagrada Familia is a living monument. Each new sculpture, each opening gives a new look to the temple and becomes another excuse to visit this Barcelona monument, which is always in permanent construction.

The latest development is the door of the Nativity facade, the work done by the iconic Antonio Gaudí. The work, known as the Gate of Charity, has been prepared by Etsuro Sotoo, and since last July is the only facade that has been declared as World Heritage Site by Unesco. Made of bronze, the door welcomes an angelic environment designed by Gaudi where the first episodes of the life of Jesus is recreated.

From the capitals, in the form of palm fronds, dates clusters arise, and upon them angels with trumpets announce the birth of Jesus. They also play the harp and sing to the rhythm of the children’s choir angels. Under the tree of life are Mary, Joseph and the Three Kings.

Turtles symbolize the passage of time and chameleons the changes. Under this masterpiece of architecture that tries to emulate nature, the sculptor Sotoo designed the front door which is seven meters high and three meters wide. Two additional side doors are pending of being installed, the main bronze gate is colorful, as Gaudí envisioned the entire facade of birth which is oriented to the east, where the sun rises.

Green dominates completely the door color, a color that the author got from bronze corrosion. It was inspired by nature and her protruding vines, leaves, pumpkin flowers and iris flowers. There are also several insects such as beetles, bugs, wasps, flies, grasshoppers, butterflies, centipedes, crickets, bees, ladybugs, caterpillars, spiders, ants and dragonflies. It’s a natural environment that evokes the place where Jesus was born.

Over the doors have also been represented several biblical scenes as the adoration of the shepherds, the Massacre of the Innocents ordered by Herod, the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel, Mary’s coronation and the exodus from Egypt.

The two doors that are going to be placed next year are the door of Faith with wild roses without thorns, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi who removed the thorns from the roses, and the door of Hope with reeds that emulates the river that crossed the Sacred family on their exodus to Egypt.



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