The Top 8 Instagrammable Destinations

By NH | 19:14

Instagrammers unite! In today’s world, when planning a vacation, almost everyone anticipates the beautiful pictures they are going to take. Those pictures are then uploaded to our Facebook or Instagram profiles for the world to share and, often, inspire.

Whether it’s to remember your vacation, share moments with loved ones of your or simply be the envy of your friends and followers, here is a list of cities where getting that perfect shot is almost 100% guaranteed. Pack your bags and get your filters ready!

New York
No surprise here that the big apple is the World’s most Instagram city, with over 59.7 million visitors delving into every nook and cranny of this cultural capital. The city is the perfect playground for amazing shots like these, by @frankreporter. Are you up to the challenge?

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England’s capital, The Old Smoke, is the most Instagrammed city in Europe and a paradise for all manner of photography lovers with an eye for detail and color (as long as your happy with gray backdrops). We’ve made a list of our favorite 3 London instagramers that have conquered our hearts with their special view of the capital:

1. @MissUnderground: A girl in love with the London Underground.

2. Jacintha Verdegaal: Dutch travel blogger living in London Always dreaming about my next trip and my next meal


3. Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass: I love traveling, autumn, Earl Grey tea, dreams, the sea, bicycles, dogs, fluffy white clouds, perfume and kissing.

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Mesmerizing Budapest is Hungary’s city with two personalities, full of eye-catching architecture, camera-ready urban jewels, and a positively rich history that steal your heart and your imagination. Fall in love with its traditional gastronomy and its vibrant ambiance, then make photographic keepsakes for your Insta personality. And here’s a curious fact, did you know Budapest often plays Paris’ doppelganger in movies? Easy to understand when we see pictures like these, by @markpozsonyi:

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Also known as The Venice of the North and one of the most photogenic cities in the world, Amsterdam offers fascinating views of canals and bridges, romantic houseboats & traditional narrow houses and courtyards that date back to the 13th century. A few well-composed shots in this city will guarantee you instant likes between your followers! If you don’t believe us, take a look at these beautiful Instagram accounts:

1. Sander • Hi, I’m Sander

2. Mylittleamsterdam: Capturing the most beautiful city in the world.

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We move to more vibrant lands. Ever dreamed of visiting La Habana? It certainly is an unforgettable trip, where the visitor travels back in time to a city marked by its culture, colonial past, and its preserved architecture, perfectly captured by @low843:

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Our Instagram adventure takes us to Rome, the Eternal City. With its ancient roman ruins, museums, crooked streets, robust aromas and beautiful churches, the 2000+ years of history certainly make Rome well-rehearsed for the camera. Perfect places for breathtaking snapshots! In case you can’t travel to Rome, let us take you there. Just swipe through following gallery by @Giuliopugliese:

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This city is an unforgettable trip for the senses. Let your imagination fly while you admire Gaudi’s architectural work, embrace the jostle of modern vs. classic, and discover Picasso’s legacy. Awaken your taste buds with the best of the Mediterranean gastronomy and treat your ears to the sound of Classic Spanish guitar. If this doesn’t tickle your fancies, these incredible pictures by @nicanorgarcia surely will:


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Located by the Duoro river, Porto is one of our favorite settings for Instagram-perfect shots. Take a stroll along its historic riverfront and make sure you stop the Palacio da Bolsa, the Sao Francisco Church, the colorful medieval district of Cais da Ribera or the iconic Clerigos Tower! Instagrammer @davo_dw shows us some amazing shots of Porto: 

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So, the big question is, which of these cities will become the prized subject of your next travels?


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