This summer, a fully eco-trip experience!

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We are all in summer mood, just thinking of being somewhere else but the office. Some lucky ones will be enjoying some time off and the luckiest, are about to lift up their luggage in a few days. Some of the world´s favorite places will soon be crowded with travellers, backpackers and any kind of tourist. It is known that the impact on the local environment is much more inconvenient in the summer period. So, with our minds dreaming away, we would like to share with you some tips on how to plan a fully eco-trip experience for this summer. We cannot wait! Let´s pack up.

Don’t forget anything

Maybe you never thought of being green while you’re dumping all your summer gadgets on your hand luggage. Do not stress yourself!  We have discovered the best solution to keep all your electronic stuff tidied and not wasting energy on it. We are talking about solar backpacks which may be your new travel best friend. Let´s make a mind exercise: picture yourself in a paradise beach, far away from the buzzy city and with no one bothering you at all. Just surfing the web in your new shinny iPad 2. Suddenly a message pop up your glossy screen awakening you from your dream with this message: ” You only have 10 minutes left”. If you have your backpack down your head, just plug it in and keep flying. This backpacks are made to provide you up to four Watts of extra power. Of course it is not enough to live without electricity in the middle of the ocean, but they will not let you down for sure and these batteries are absolutely eco-friendly!

While you are moving


It is time to “start moving”. The mean of transport you select is important if you want to have a fully eco-experience on the go. To make easy your choice you may want to have a look at a Carbon footprint calculator. Carbon footprint is the quantity of greenhouse gases that you send to the atmosphere by your (holidays) activities. By using this tool, you will know the environmental impact of your trip. This kind of tools provide you, with a clear awareness on what using each transport involve.  It is simple and easy: just type your city, your destination, your hotel and how many people are you travelling with. The calculator will then give you an equivalent on how many carbon footprint kilos you are sending off and with these figures, you have the choice to be active on the fight against climate change by offsetting it. This money is used to finance environmental projects that reduce greenhouse gases and promote sustainable development in local communities. After that, we are sure you will arrive to your desired destination with a smile in your face.

Beaching around


Once out of home, it is time to have a look around. Enjoying your spare time and keeping your green mood flowing, is possible by stoping at eco-friendly spots.

For those of you addicted to sun-bath at the beach, you may want to drop by some green paradises to smooth your beach towel out. If you include Australia on your trip, be sure to spot at White Heaven Beach which is going to be the greenest option to enjoy sun, sand and sea. This oasis has been awarded as the “Cleanest beach in Queensland” and has obtained some national awards for resource recovery and environmental protection. It is the largest of a series of  74 islands, so we hope you don’t get lost 😉

If, on the other hand you are looking for some under-the-sea action, your green option is Hawaii. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, in Oahu, is the clearest beach in Hawaiian islands. If you are thinking of making your way to this volcanic beach, make sure you plan your trip in advance. Visitors access is restricted and if you make it to be one of the lucky ones, you will have to watch a video about how to preserve the fragile ecosystem at the island. Otherwise you will not obtain your ticket to this water paradise!

Happy Ending

Travelling is exhausting, and we are sure you may want to share a refreshing drink with your trip-mates after being such a green traveller.  As you can imagine we have an eco-option to end your day. Just try this organic cachaça. With no chemical products, and so lower environmental impact, it is the perfect option to relax by the night stars.

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  • posted by Pajaro Dunes | 19 August 2011, 12:14,

    view of the beach is really a relaxation to the eyes.

  • posted by | 13 May 2012, 16:20,

    Glad you’re spreading the word about solar backpacks.

    They make perfect sense wherever you are, but they’re ideal if you are off grid or just somewhere with a limited infrastructure.


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