The 20 Best Travel Tips

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Travel is by far one of the best things you can experience in life. It tempts the senses with new sights, cultures, tastes, friends, activities, and so much more… Whether you’re about to embark on your very first trip or you’ve voyaged around the world, there is always a new travel hack that will no doubt improve your experience. Even the most seasoned tourists, who no doubt have their own tips and tricks up their sleeve, can learn something from this list of the 20 Best Travel Tips.

  • Organize your carry on. 

There’s nothing worse than being at the boarding gate and frantically searching for your plane ticket. Keep items like your ticket and passport easily 20 travel tips 2017-organization

  • Don’t over-pack.

 You’re going on holiday, so you’re bound to pick up new clothes, souvenirs, and gifts. You don’t want to risk not having enough space – so only pack what’s really necessary for your 20 travel tips 2017-overpacking

  • Mix and match clothes. 

Let’s face it – you don’t need a completely different outfit for each day of your trip. Pair neutral staples (trousers, jackets, shoes) with flashier accessories (scarves, graphic tees, jewellery) to create different 20 travel tips 2017-clothes

  • Know where your passport is.

Have a go-to spot for your passport so you always know where to find it. There is no panic like “can’t-find-my-passport” 20 travel tips 2017-passport

  • Zip/tie/lock your bags…seriously.

Tourists inevitably attract the attention of pickpockets and thieves. To avoid any mishaps, make sure your purse or bag is always fully closed. You don’t want someone’s hand slipping in and stealing your phone – or worse, give yourself reason to experience the aforementioned “can’t-find-my-passport” panic!top 20 travel tips 2017-bag

  • Book in-demand attractions in advance… 

Imagine you’re going to Paris. Obviously you’ll want to go up the Eiffel Tower. Having to stand in a long line for hours is completely unappealing and may force you to skip a “must-see” attraction. Booking in advance always pays 20 travel tips 2017-attractions-eiffel tower

  • But leave room for flexibility! 

 You should always have an idea of what you want to see. But having a bit of flexibility in your schedule will allow you to relax, take your time, and take part in more authentic experiences that can’t be 20 travel tips 2017-flexibility

  • Be flexible when booking, too. 

Having a flexible date/destination can open up your travel to a lot of interesting destinations. And the earlier you book, the greater your chance of having a hotel in a prime location!top 20 travel tips 2017-booking tickets

  • Give someone your contact/travel info. 

For anyone who’s seen the movie 127 Hours, you should know not to travel without telling someone where you’re 20 travel tips 2017-contact info

  • Get a history lesson while you fly with this app. 

The app tracks your location using GPS (even in flight mode) and feeds you fun facts and interesting info about what you’re flying 20 travel tips 2017-flying app

  • Take advantage of airport wifi. 

While some airports offer free wifi, others don’t. Consult this list of wifi passwords at airports 20 travel tips 2017-airport wifi

  • Don’t fly… drive! 

Depending on how close your destination is, car-sharing schemes like BlaBlaCar can be more economical than flying. Train travel is also an option, but its prices often rival that of air 20 travel tips 2017-driving

  • Check if you need a visa or vaccine. 

You may require a visa to travel to certain countries, so check this in advance to avoid getting denied entry. Also make sure to consult your doctor about what vaccinations to take before travelling – you don’t want to risk getting sick!top 20 travel tips 2017-vaccines

  • Wake up early. 

For an unforgettable view of the sunrise over a new city or to simply avoid long lines, rising early has its benefits. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on your NH hotel’s great buffet breakfast served up at 20 travel tips 2017-sunrise

  • Don’t rely solely on your credit card. 

Using a credit card can make you lose tracking of spending easily, and some stores and restaurants may not even accept credit. So make sure you always have cash at 20 travel tips 2017-cash

  • Eat local. 

Sure, nearly every place on Earth has a recognisable fast food chain on the high street, but who wants to eat food you can get at home? Try the local dishes and you might end up discovering a new favourite. At NH Hotels, local dishes are served and some proudly feature Michelin-star 20 travel tips 2017-local food

  • Invest in travel insurance. 

Travel insurance isn’t really that much of an investment, but it’s an extra cost that’s totally worth it. No matter if you get sick or injured, have your phone stolen, or the airline loses your luggage, this insurance provides huge peace of 20 travel tips 2017-travel insurance

  • Learn a little of the local language. 

Locals really appreciate it when tourists at least try to communicate in their language. Even just learning “hello” and “thank you”, along with a few other basics can go a long 20 travel tips 2017-languages

  • Bring an external charger. 

You’re going to take a TON of photos and at some point, the battery of your phone or camera WILL die. Having a portable charger means you won’t miss out on documenting important travel 20 travel tips 2017-charger

  • Carry copies of important documents. 

Getting your passport or credit card stolen can bring your entire trip to a standstill. Make sure you always have copies of key documents, so that you can more easily navigate the recuperation/cancellation 20 travel tips 2017-documents


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